Analytics ConsultingYou know you need an analytics program to determine if your website is successfully bringing you a positive ROI, but if you don’t understand what all those analytic statistics are telling you, what good is it? Don’t get frustrated, get Be Found Online’s Analytics Consulting package!

Why Do You Need Analytics Consulting?

  • You will finally be able to measure your ROI for your website and Internet Marketing campaigns including SEO, Paid Search and even Social Advertising
  • You will be empowered to make educated decisions about what steps you should take to improve your ROI
  • You will feel as smart as a Google Engineer when you are trained by a Be Found Online analytics expert

What We Do

  • We will examine your analytics campaign, your website, and any internet marketing campaigns you have running to make sure they are all tagged and tracked correctly. If they aren’t, we’ll show you clearly what needs to be done to fix the problem.
  • We will examine your statistics, including:
    • key phrase usage metrics
    • rankings
    • visitors
    • average cost per visitor
    • click-thru rates
    • conversions
    • conversion rates
    • cost-per-conversion
    • and a variety of other critical statistics
  • We will explain what each metric means, how they relate to each other, and what on-site and off-site factors impact each
  • We will teach you the calculations you need to do to measure your financial website metrics:
    • Return on Investment
    • Return on Ad Spend
    • Cost Per Conversion
  • We will thoroughly answer your questions so that you understand analytics like a pro

We are Google Adwords Professionals certified in Analytics. We use Analytics every day to make strategic decisions for our clients. Call us today to finally solve the analytics puzzle and learn how to make the most money with your website.