SEO Technology

SEO Technology at BFO

Technology is designed to make one’s life easier. Same holds true with the technology and tools we use for Search Engine Optimization at Be Found Online. It doesn’t replace our experience and it doesn’t make decisions for us, but it allows us to make smart decisions more quickly. That makes our lives easier and it means more time we can spend improving your website’s rankings!


Raven is a search engine optimization research and reporting tool that we use to easily track our SEO efforts. By viewing our clients’ ranking reports on Raven, we can quickly see what keywords are improving and what terms need more attention. We can also see the results of our link building efforts, because Raven can show us the sites that are linking to our clients’ websites. Since we pride ourselves on our transparency, we share our Raven reports with our clients. The reports present all data clearly and accurately.


SpyFu is more than just a fun name. It’s a competitive analysis software that we employ during the initial client discovery process. SpyFu gives us insight into what your competition is doing online and helps us make decisions about what SEO strategies to deploy.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics (GA) to keep track of user behavior once they arrive on your site. With GA, we benchmark and monitor success metrics including time on site, conversion rates, return rates, etc. GA helps us track website trends and we can even make connections between Paid Search, Social and SEO efforts.

Technology is important, but how we use it is even more so. Learn more about our Search Engine Optimization strategy by contacting us and requesting a custom proposal.