Paid Search Technology

We love technology. It’s part of our geekiness. We love trying out new applications, but we always stick with the program that does the best job for us and for our clients. For our Paid Search, we primarily use two programs to manage our accounts and help us make strategic decisions: Acquisio and Google Analytics.


Acquisio is a powerful bid management and reporting program. With Acquisio, we can set up, manage and view your campaigns all in one place. It saves us time and ultimately saves you money. We can create complicated bidding rules through Acquisio that enable us to spend your advertising dollars wisely and reach your KPI goals. We also like Acquisio’s reporting function. With it, we can quickly create reports that are easy to understand – and it’s important for you to clearly see how your campaign is performing.

Google Analytics

We also use Google Analytics (GA) to analyze your campaign performance. We’ve tried many analytics programs over the years and we believe that GA is the best solution for our customers. It’s often already used by our clients before we even take the paid search reigns. The insights we can gather from GA help us create an ongoing, dynamic strategy for your online advertising. We look at GA data, make decisions, and then tweak campaigns in Acquisio.

We find that for the most part, our clients don’t pay much attention to our technology. What they really care about is the results we deliver. Except for our monthly reports, our tools are doing the work behind the scenes. But if technology interests you and you want to learn more about how we use it, give us a call. We would be happy to talk tools with you!