Product Feed Marketing

Lead GenerationProduct Feed marketing (aka Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE’s), Google Shopping) is an essential component to any Ecommerce Marketing Strategy.With optimized product feeds we are able to increase the chances that your products will appear closer to the top of the search engine results – not only on the shopping pages, but also in the standard search results.  Read up on our latest POV about Google Shopping’s latest update.

Why Do You Need Product Feed Marketing?

  • Take advantage of Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) and improve Ecommerce conversion rates
  • Ensure Google & Bing have a record of all of the items you are selling on your website
  • Inform the search engines when you add or remove products from your store
  • Promote sale prices quickly
  • Expand your footprint and boost your ecommerce sales!

What We Do

We use our extensive keyword research and years of ecommerce marketing experience to optimize your products’ categories and descriptions to match the terms that people are really searching for. We increase the odds greatly in your favor that we match your products with people who want to buy them. We also monitor the feed to make sure that it’s picked up correctly and resolve any inconsistencies that may arise within products/categories, so you don’t have to. Large product feeds can also be very time consuming to manage correctly, so we save you the time it takes to pour over the details in the spreadsheets. Luckily, we like details.

Think Beyond Google Shopping

While we focus a lot of time on Google Shopping, the 800 Lb gorilla, there are still many opportunities beyond Google and Bing. Time to start thinking about where else you can leveage your product feeds to expand your footprint on additional comparison shopping platforms.

What is product feed marketing?

It’s a gem in the ecommerce marketing business that we help you uncover. Simply put, it’s sending detailed information about your products to the search engines. They put the information into their shopping search engines, so that when people search for your products, your listings will appear in the search results. Sometimes the search engines will crawl your site to retrieve the product details, but with product feeds, we give them exactly the details we want them to know.

If you are ready to boost your ecommerce sales, contact us or request a proposal. We’ll be happy to take a look at your site and explain how you can benefit from Product Feed optimization and our strict attention to detail.