Social Customer Service

Social-AdvertisingBe Found Online takes pride in acting as a valuable addition to your customer service team. We monitor all popular social media channels and review sites to identify customer concerns and diffuse problems with timely and professional responses.

Social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ can present customer service issues that require real-time attention. We work closely with your social community managers and customer service department to deliver quick, effective, and sincere responses whenever an urgent issue arises.

We also claim your company’s locations on Yelp, Google+ Local, CitySearch, and other popular review sites so we can monitor and respond to reviews in a way that improves your brand’s perception among customers.

How We Approach Social Customer Service Differently

We do more than just listen and watch on your social channels. We take action to identify problem areas, such as store locations which receive more complaints than others, and report back to your company with actionable strategies to help diffuse any potentially negative situation.

Our team will provide customized, actionable reports on customer demographics and sentiment trends at each store location to help encourage future success in your customer service efforts.

Contact BFO to find out how our social customer service team can help manage and improve your online reputation and increase customer engagement.