Articles and Points of View

We just can’t keep our knowledge bottled up! We have to share what we know. Our articles are just the right size between a blog post and a white paper – designed to teach our readers and clients more about our business and our industry. While we won’t publish articles on a strict schedule, we will add new ones often.

Our points of view (POV) are written to specifically address a big change or new innovation that may impact the way we do business. A POV will answer questions like: What is the buzz all about and how will it affect a business that’s advertising on the internet?”

So don’t wait! Increase your brain power by reading our latest content today!


Social Customer Service – How responding to customer reviews can benefit your business



The Emergence of G-Commerce – Understand Google’s Recent E-Commerce Efforts

Google Places and Google Pages Convert to Google+ Local Pages

Google Shopping Replaces Google Product Search – Understand and prepare for Google’s paid inclusion shopping engine

Google Knowledge Graph – Displaying facts in search results

Google Analytics – Prepare for social reporting

Pinterest – How your business can benefit

Google’s Search Plus Your World – Get found in Google’s personalized search results

Google Acquires Zagat – Take advantage of changes in local search

Brand Bidding in Paid Search

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