Leading by Example

picc-01Our CEO, Steve Krull, posted another great article to LinkedIn today. Steve has been writing about the topic of leadership and what it means to be a positive influence for your team. This week, Steve shared what it means to “lead by example,” which is something that can be particularly difficult when in a leadership position. He writes, “If I was constantly over your shoulder telling you how each little thing should be done, I wouldn’t be leading, I’d be managing (which is a nice way to say being annoying). The example I set is that you’re not good enough and I don’t trust you to do quality work.”

Read the full article here, and gain some great insights on what you can be doing to better lead your team. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out, we’re always happy to chat!

The Latest Bing Update & How it Affects Your Data

It’s officially August. It’s hot outside, you are getting ready to send the kids back to school, and since it’s the beginning of the month, you’re probably doing your July reports. If you are analyzing the Organic Search performance of your site, there is going to be a problem…

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An “All You Can Eat” Paid Media Strategy

Pshutterstock_287756465utting together a paid media strategy is comparable to being in an a la carte line. The options are endless, and there is a strategy when balancing the filled plate as you walk back to your table.

So what are we talking about here? Eating a la carte, or a paid media strategy? All the platform options—Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, Display (countless networks), Native, Facebook, (come up for air)…Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest—can be overwhelming. As digital strategists, we are looked to by our clients for guidance in putting together a developed paid media strategy. So how do we get the most conversions? How do you know what percentage of media should be spent on search versus social? How do you know which platforms should be utilized? Continue reading “An “All You Can Eat” Paid Media Strategy”

Get The Marketer’s Guide to Getting it All Done

Marketers-Guide-Getting-It-All-DoneYou may know how to do things right, but are you doing the right things? How do you juggle it all when everything seems important?

In Be Found Online’s new eBook, “Project Management Therapy: The Marketer’s Guide to Strategic Project Planning,” we share a holistic approach to evaluating projects in a way that serves your overall strategy.

Using the same method that Be Found Online has used to improve enterprise-level focuses, you’ll learn how to:

  • Figure out what’s important by asking yourself 3 key questions
  • Align projects with strategy by measuring the areas of impact
  • Spot gaps in strategic activities so you know when a key area of focus isn’t getting the attention it needs

By putting a consistent method into place for aligning your projects with your strategy, you’ll be able to prioritize your projects even in the face of constraints and the feeling that all the projects are important.

Download your guide to strategic project planning today!


Google Universal App Campaigns – Future of Ad Spending

 New campaign type is designed to give developers big scale for minimal work, and integrates within AdWords and Analytics for the metrics your app needs.

Mobile Search Ad Spending

blogpost2The Google Universal App Campaign is a new type of campaign designed to give developers and marketers a larger scale to measure while integrating with AdWords and Analytics to measure the metrics your app needs.

Mobile ad spend is here to stay; you’re either in the game or you’re not. Ad spend is projected to reach over 25 billion by 2018—a more than 50% increase from what is currently being spent in the app ad space. To help make sense of how much to spend, where to spend it, and what metrics to measure, we’ve outlined a few options below. Continue reading “Google Universal App Campaigns – Future of Ad Spending”

The Evolution of Instagram

Updates Taking the Platform to New Heights

shutterstock_292797845Instagram rose to the top of the social platform landscape rather quickly when it was initially released in 2010. With its proclivity toward the visual, it was the perfect app for the new generation whose attention span for heavy content was declining. In less than a two-year period the app had gained over 100 million active users. Pretty incredible stuff!

Despite the app’s tremendous popularity, it was not generating nearly the amount of revenue that other social platforms of similar status were able to produce. This was largely due to the fact that Instagram did not run paid advertisements on the platform until years after its launch; even when it did begin testing ads in late 2013, the premiums were so high that only extremely large companies were able to afford trying out the new initiative. Continue reading “The Evolution of Instagram”

Understanding Your Customer’s Conversion Journey

Multi-Ethnic Group of People in a Meeting and Research ConceptUnderstanding your marketing mix is key to optimizing conversions and your budget. Google Analytics has built-in attribution reports to help you best understand your customer’s conversion journey.  I could take some time to introduce you to the reports, but you can do that yourself.  In fact, you probably already have. What’s more important is how you use them. If you didn’t quite understand what you were looking at or what do, you are in the right place. But before we get started, let’s take note of a few points:

  • MCF relies on goals being set up. If you don’t have goals, check out an old presentation of mine to better understand what your goal framework should be.
  • MCF also relies on intact data integrity. If your acquisition reports are wrong, all Multi-Channel Funnels will be useless.
  • These are tools.  They are meant to be actively used, not frozen as a screenshot or PDF for your boss.
  • You should have a question in mind before diving down the rabbit hole. For example, “Are LinkedIn banners worth it?” or “Should I stop spending on SEO?”

Cool?  Cool.  Let’s hit it.

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(un)Leadership Lessons – Don’t Take Anyone for Granted

shutterstock_288190787Our CEO, Steve Krull, posted an article to LinkedIn last week about how to use your listening skills to become a better leader. He encourages others that, “As a leader—and all of us are leaders in some way—you have the opportunity to listen and learn every day.” Check out the full article to learn more about the practices you can apply to better support and direct your team. Want to to hear even more about BFO’s unique take on leadership? Feel free to reach out, we’d be more than happy to chat!