Talking Google Shopping Best Practices with Dan Golden

google-partners-be-found-onlineBFO’s rock star President and Chief Search Artist Dan Golden and his iconic orange jacket seem to be everywhere these days! Dan recently sat down with Jenny Lintz, an agency strategist with Google Partners, to discuss the latest trends and best practices in Google Shopping – and, of course, to brag a bit about the growing success of Be Found Online!

Dan and Jenny touched on a variety of topics about the dynamic field of e-commerce, and they came to some valuable conclusions about developing client relationships, tackling common e-commerce challenges, and striking a balance between profitability and scalability. Other insights included: Continue reading “Talking Google Shopping Best Practices with Dan Golden”

Digital Marketing Meetup with Be Found Online

At Internet Summit 2014, our President and Chief Search Artist Dan Golden delivered his talk on Multi-Channel Attribution and the Digital Media Food Pyramid to a packed room. On Thursday, January 15th, Be Found Online will be hosting a more in-depth discussion—and you are welcome to join us by registering today! Dan will dig deeper into the topic and answer all your burning questions about multi-channel attribution and how to effectively plan your digital marketing budget for 2015.


2015 Digital Media Food Pyramid

In this interactive session, Dan will discuss the best approaches to implementing a practical, balanced, and effective digital strategy built for success in the evolving online marketing landscape of 2015 and beyond.

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6 Steps to Optimize Your Pinterest Business Account in 2015

Pinterest, the popular visual discovery platform used by millions, is not just a social site for crafty moms. The business benefits of this emerging social giant are surprisingly huge. Not only does Pinterest offer a vast audience of potential customers, but research shows that Pinterest’s average order value is twice as much as Facebook’s, and even higher than those of Google and Amazon. If you haven’t already harnessed the sales power of Pinterest, now’s the time to get started!


Step 1: Convert

Converting your Pinterest account to a business account is a great way to drive more traffic to your website. This simple switch can generate click-throughs to your site and help you expand your brand’s reach. In the example below, Whole Foods gained 100,000 clicks from this pin, and another 120,000 within their website. Continue reading “6 Steps to Optimize Your Pinterest Business Account in 2015″

The Great Game of Business

Great-Game-of-BusinessSome key aspects of Be Found Online’s culture have always been openness, transparency, and respect. One of the ways this has played out has been our company’s adoption of open book management. We’ve previously shared company finances on an annual basis, but in July 2014 we switched to breaking down our income statements on a weekly basis – with the entire team involved.

Adopting principles from “The Great Game of Business” – and with guidance from GGOB coach, Kevin Walter – our weekly sessions include forecasting, updates on quarterly bonuses, and sales scoreboard reviews. Continue reading “The Great Game of Business”

Be Found Online Helps B2B Marketing Lab Expand its Reach through BrightEdge Partnership

B2B-Marketing-LabBe Found Online is excited to announce our new partnership with the B2B Marketing Lab, an inbound marketing and digital PR consultancy based in London, England. The B2B Marketing Lab specializes in search & PPC, content creation, lead generation, and social media marketing throughout Europe, and they became an official BrightEdge partner earlier this year. Since then, they’ve been looking for a partner to help expand their reach in North and South America.

The B2B Marketing Lab has a proven track record when it comes to keeping up with emerging trends and new developments in the B2B marketing space. Who could be a better partner for us? Our creative talent and technology-driven approach pair perfectly with the B2B Marketing Lab’s emphasis on inbound marketing and success with lead generation. Continue reading “Be Found Online Helps B2B Marketing Lab Expand its Reach through BrightEdge Partnership”

Google Officially Launches Mobile Friendly Search Labels

GoogleThis past week, Google officially dropped the hammer on a topic that has been of much interest in the SEO community for the past few years: mobile sites and their effect on rankings. We’ve anticipated an announcement from Google in the SEO community for some time, and have even suspected that some of this was happening in the background at Google.

Finally, the smoke has cleared and things are fairly clearly laid out.

Launched just this week, Google is now applying “mobile-friendly” labels to Google search engine results pages. These are intended to help users understand which of their search results has a dedicated, robust, and most importantly useable mobile experience. However, while this would appear to only affect click-throughs on a mobile level, sites showing the “mobile-friendly” label will actually help drive higher desktop and mobile rankings overall. Continue reading “Google Officially Launches Mobile Friendly Search Labels”

Rich Snippets & Click-Through-Rates: Why You Should Get On Board with Microdata

Rich-Snippets-Click-Through-RatesMajor search engines are delivering increasingly accurate search results in an effort to match up with user intent. One way for website owners to ensure their pages display on relevant searches is to structure “semantically-friendly” site content using microdata. Microdata is used to insert metadata into existing web page content, giving the page more detailed context which provides an improved search experience for users.

Product, recipe, and review pages are just some of the common content types that can be marked up with microdata. Search engines will also sometimes give microdata-enabled pages a user-friendly “rich snippet,” a helpful tidbit under search listings that provides even more details about the page.

So why is microdata a good thing? Continue reading “Rich Snippets & Click-Through-Rates: Why You Should Get On Board with Microdata”

Raleigh Internet Summit 2014

Dan-G-STeve-Wozniak-2Last week at the 2014 Internet Summit in Raleigh, NC, over 2,000 people gathered to talk and learn about the latest trends in digital marketing. This year’s summit was a huge success, and attendance was higher than ever.

BFO helped sponsor the event’s welcome reception, giving us the opportunity to get to know plenty of awesome new people. We had a blast at the BFO table set-up—and we rocked our orange blazers, of course!

Our very own Dan Golden (President and Chief Search Artist) delivered his presentation, Multi-Channel Attribution & the Digital Media Food Pyramid, to a packed room. Continue reading “Raleigh Internet Summit 2014″

Apple Maps Connect: A New Self-Service Tool for Local Search

AppleMapsIn an effort to improve the accuracy of notoriously unreliable Maps data, Apple recently introduced Maps Connect, a self-service local listings portal. An alternative to Google+ Local intended for small businesses, Apple Maps Connect allows business owners (or their authorized representatives) to add or update content in Apple Maps. Another aspect of Maps Connect allows businesses to get accurate indoor positioning in their venues.

Why is Apple Maps Connect Important in Local Search?

Apple Maps is the default maps app for all iOS devices. While iPhone users can certainly download Google Maps and use that instead, Apple Maps is essentially crowd-sourced data. As a result, we may start seeing more use from the default Apple Maps vs. Google Maps on iOS.

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Why PR Companies Need SEOs Now More Than Ever

prs-and-seosGoogle has been increasing the magnification on its backlink microscope, and things have been pretty volatile as a result.

At Be Found Online, we’ve worked with nearly every shape and size of manual action penalty evaluations for unnatural inbound links. One common thread we’ve seen lately is that links obtained through “classic” or otherwise unsullied PR efforts can cause manual action by Google.

Does this mean that all PR links are bad? Not at all – they just have to be done the right way. Every site –and every manual action case – is different. There are, however, some general rules of thumb for backlinks obtained through PR. Continue reading “Why PR Companies Need SEOs Now More Than Ever”