Content Marketing World 2014

Joe&KevinContent Marketing World

Hot on the heels of Content Marketing World 2014, we’re already looking forward to next year’s event. Content Marketing World is the largest content events on the planet, and last week it brought in over 2,600 marketers, company leaders, freelancers, content managers, and PR professionals, including BFO’s own Grace Bishop and myself. Our experience left us with inspiration, new insights, and the motivation to work even smarter on another year of great content.

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What You Need to Know About the Pigeon Update

Pigeon UpdateRecently, Google released a significant local search algorithm update that’s being dubbed “Pigeon.” The update aims to provide more accurate and relevant local search results by digging deeper into Google’s web search capabilities. Released without a formal announcement, Pigeon is causing some surprisingly big waves in the local search world.

The update’s nickname comes from the notion that pigeons tend to fly home – and what could be more fitting for a local search algorithm? Pigeon utilizes a number of ranking signals in order to display the best results. According to Google, the update also marks an improvement in location and distance ranking parameters.

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BFO Makes the Inc. 500|5000 List Three Years Running

We’re excited to announce that Be Found Online has made it on the Inc. 500|5000 list of fastest growing companies – for the third year in a row!

In the past three years, we’ve grown an incredible 167% – a rate which we attribute to our fantastic, hard-working team and our passion for helping clients achieve success.

Here’s how we ranked:3-ColorStackLogo-BeFound copy

#2325 Nationwide
#228 in Advertising & Marketing
#102 in Chicago
#10 in Advertising & Marketing in Chicago

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Does Mobile Advertising Work?

Do Mobile Ads Work?With an increasing number of people shopping, using apps, or browsing the web from their smartphones, mobile advertising is on the rise. If you haven’t already delved into mobile advertising, now might be the time. Read on to learn more about mobile ads, how they’re different from traditional online advertising, and whether they might be a good choice for you.

Mobile advertising comes in several forms. Choosing which types work for your business depends on your audience, location, budget, and the products or services you offer.


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Finding Niche Audiences with Facebook Audience Insights

Facebook LikesWhether you use social media to keep up with family members, play Candy Crush, check out the hottest restaurants, or reconnect with old friends, you’re part of a huge virtual community. Chances are that Facebook knows a lot about you – and the other 1 billion users worldwide.

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Google Maps Ads Finally Get an Update

Google unveiled last Tuesday a new, better way to display ads on Google Maps and Google Maps for Mobile. This more effective monetization of maps means more opportunities for advertisers. The new interface features a scrolling list below the search box, making it easier for users to browse ads that are relevant to their searches. The updated display shows ads above organic listings so that potential customers can immediately see the kinds of businesses they’re looking for.

This update provides not only a more pleasant view for users, but also makes it simple for potential customers to connect with your business. The new view places information from ad extensions front and center. If you use call extensions or location extensions, your customers will have the option to call you directly from ads. Location extensions also make information such as ratings, store hours, and a Street View image of your business clearly visible, giving customers an instant glimpse at the essentials.

So what does the new Google Maps ad interface mean for your business? It’s time to make sure that your local campaigns are tuned up so you can make the most of the updated view. In the example below we used one of our clients to illustrate the new display. You can see that the search results on the term “spice store Chicago” show ads and local listings with reviews, special offers, and an option to directly call The Spice House. To see results like this for your business contact me to find out how we can help keep your local campaigns on track.

spice store map