Webinar: How You Can Leverage Advanced Geo-Targeting Strategies

Are you interested to learn more about geo-targeting, why it’s important, and how you can use it to help your digital marketing strategy? Join us for a valuable webinar about geo-targeting on Tuesday, February 24th at 11am CST (12pm EST). This live discussion will be hosted by Dan Golden, Be Found Online’s own President & Chief Search Artist, and Michael Gardner, Agency Development Manager at Google. Continue reading “Webinar: How You Can Leverage Advanced Geo-Targeting Strategies”

Target Outranking: Best Practices for Implementing Google’s New Bid Strategy

Target OutrankingIf you’ve ever wanted your ads to display higher than your competitor’s in search results, Google finally has the answer. “Target outranking share” is an emerging flexible bid strategy that automatically sets bids so you can outrank the ads of a competing domain. It’s a great way to increase your visibility in the search space.

How it Works

Target outranking does not improve your ad rank in the overall search engine results. It does, however, help your ad display higher than the ad of another domain of your choosing—such as a competitor who often bids in the same auctions as you do. In other words, this bidding strategy increases your ad’s search visibility compared to the competing domain.

So how does it work? If you choose to use target outranking share, AdWords will automatically raise (or lower) your bids so that your ads outrank the other domain’s. Continue reading “Target Outranking: Best Practices for Implementing Google’s New Bid Strategy”

The Be Found Online SEO Team Gets BrightEdge Super User Certified

BrightEdge LogoBe Found Online is excited to announce that most of our SEO team is officially BrightEdge Super User certified! The entire team received their initial BrightEdge certifications at the beginning of 2014, and our SEO experts were recently selected by BrightEdge to go through Super User training and examination.

During the certification exam, our SEO specialists were split into two teams. When presented with a challenging exam scenario, one team chose a broad local and mobile SEO approach built to enhance the client’s overall SEO strategy. The other team chose a focused local SEO approach which specified one keyword phrase that was vital for the client’s local search and recommended tactics for generating improved rankings and backlinks with that phrase. Continue reading “The Be Found Online SEO Team Gets BrightEdge Super User Certified”

Join Be Found Online’s Quincy Bingham for A Facebook Advertising Meetup

facebook-advertising-fundamentalsHave you been struggling to achieve Facebook advertising success? Join us for an informative and interactive social media marketing meetup on Wednesday, January 28th at 6pm. Our very own Digital Analyst and Facebook Advertising Guru, Quincy Bingham, will present on the topic, illuminating the fundamentals of leading a strong marketing campaign on the popular social platform.

Quincy will deliver his presentation, “Fundamentals for Facebook Advertising Success,” at Connie’s Pizza in the Gold Coast neighborhood in Chicago. He will explain:

  • The 3 things you need to know for effective Facebook advertising
  • How to measure performance
  • How to tweak & refine your campaigns based on performance

Quincy’s presentation will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Havas Media’s Devon Whiteway and Epsilon’s Barbara Maldonado Roering. At the end of the night, participants and attendees will walk away with a stronger understanding of Facebook advertising tactics, and they’ll be able to put those strategies into action for their own brands!
Interested in learning more about the fundamentals of a Facebook advertising campaign? Register now to attend the Facebook Advertising Meetup at Connie’s Pizza on Wednesday, January 28th!

Talking Google Shopping Best Practices with Dan Golden

google-partners-be-found-onlineBFO’s rock star President and Chief Search Artist Dan Golden and his iconic orange jacket seem to be everywhere these days! Dan recently sat down with Jenny Lintz, an agency strategist with Google Partners, to discuss the latest trends and best practices in Google Shopping – and, of course, to brag a bit about the growing success of Be Found Online!

Dan and Jenny touched on a variety of topics about the dynamic field of e-commerce, and they came to some valuable conclusions about developing client relationships, tackling common e-commerce challenges, and striking a balance between profitability and scalability. Other insights included: Continue reading “Talking Google Shopping Best Practices with Dan Golden”

Digital Marketing Meetup with Be Found Online

At Internet Summit 2014, our President and Chief Search Artist Dan Golden delivered his talk on Multi-Channel Attribution and the Digital Media Food Pyramid to a packed room. On Thursday, January 15th, Be Found Online will be hosting a more in-depth discussion—and you are welcome to join us by registering today! Dan will dig deeper into the topic and answer all your burning questions about multi-channel attribution and how to effectively plan your digital marketing budget for 2015.


2015 Digital Media Food Pyramid

In this interactive session, Dan will discuss the best approaches to implementing a practical, balanced, and effective digital strategy built for success in the evolving online marketing landscape of 2015 and beyond.

Continue reading “Digital Marketing Meetup with Be Found Online”

6 Steps to Optimize Your Pinterest Business Account in 2015

Pinterest, the popular visual discovery platform used by millions, is not just a social site for crafty moms. The business benefits of this emerging social giant are surprisingly huge. Not only does Pinterest offer a vast audience of potential customers, but research shows that Pinterest’s average order value is twice as much as Facebook’s, and even higher than those of Google and Amazon. If you haven’t already harnessed the sales power of Pinterest, now’s the time to get started!


Step 1: Convert

Converting your Pinterest account to a business account is a great way to drive more traffic to your website. This simple switch can generate click-throughs to your site and help you expand your brand’s reach. In the example below, Whole Foods gained 100,000 clicks from this pin, and another 120,000 within their website. Continue reading “6 Steps to Optimize Your Pinterest Business Account in 2015″

The Great Game of Business

Great-Game-of-BusinessSome key aspects of Be Found Online’s culture have always been openness, transparency, and respect. One of the ways this has played out has been our company’s adoption of open book management. We’ve previously shared company finances on an annual basis, but in July 2014 we switched to breaking down our income statements on a weekly basis – with the entire team involved.

Adopting principles from “The Great Game of Business” – and with guidance from GGOB coach, Kevin Walter – our weekly sessions include forecasting, updates on quarterly bonuses, and sales scoreboard reviews. Continue reading “The Great Game of Business”

Be Found Online Helps B2B Marketing Lab Expand its Reach through BrightEdge Partnership

B2B-Marketing-LabBe Found Online is excited to announce our new partnership with the B2B Marketing Lab, an inbound marketing and digital PR consultancy based in London, England. The B2B Marketing Lab specializes in search & PPC, content creation, lead generation, and social media marketing throughout Europe, and they became an official BrightEdge partner earlier this year. Since then, they’ve been looking for a partner to help expand their reach in North and South America.

The B2B Marketing Lab has a proven track record when it comes to keeping up with emerging trends and new developments in the B2B marketing space. Who could be a better partner for us? Our creative talent and technology-driven approach pair perfectly with the B2B Marketing Lab’s emphasis on inbound marketing and success with lead generation. Continue reading “Be Found Online Helps B2B Marketing Lab Expand its Reach through BrightEdge Partnership”

Google Officially Launches Mobile Friendly Search Labels

GoogleThis past week, Google officially dropped the hammer on a topic that has been of much interest in the SEO community for the past few years: mobile sites and their effect on rankings. We’ve anticipated an announcement from Google in the SEO community for some time, and have even suspected that some of this was happening in the background at Google.

Finally, the smoke has cleared and things are fairly clearly laid out.

Launched just this week, Google is now applying “mobile-friendly” labels to Google search engine results pages. These are intended to help users understand which of their search results has a dedicated, robust, and most importantly useable mobile experience. However, while this would appear to only affect click-throughs on a mobile level, sites showing the “mobile-friendly” label will actually help drive higher desktop and mobile rankings overall. Continue reading “Google Officially Launches Mobile Friendly Search Labels”