Get the Inside Scoop on 2015 SEO with Be Found Online’s New Ebook

marketing-directors-guide-to-seo-01.originalIf you’ve been looking for an easy-to-follow SEO guide that’s written by the experts, the search is over. Be Found Online’s new eBook, “The Marketer’s Guide to Managing and Maximizing SEO Success,” is the most digestible and comprehensive SEO resource available for marketing professionals. Our guide provides marketers with the knowledge they need to not only manage, but also optimize SEO success as part of an overall marketing strategy.

This handy downloadable guide provides a much-needed glimpse into the ever-changing world of SEO. By considering and understanding the seven key pieces of SEO strategy in today’s digital marketing world, marketers will be able to maximize SEO success and ultimately drive more awareness, leads, and revenue for their business. Download the Marketer’s Guide to learn more about:

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They’re Back!—Tweets to Appear in Google Search Results in 2015

Twitter profile on Apple iPhone 5SLate last week, it was announced that Twitter and Google have struck a deal to bring tweets back to Google search results.

According to Ad Age, tweets will be visible in the SERP in the first half of 2015. As of late, Google has only been able to crawl Twitter pages to gather data, but this deal will make the data immediately available to the engine. So, you should be able to find your tweet in Google search immediately after it’s posted.

Why does this matter?

In 2011, Google put a stop to one of its most beloved (in my opinion) features, Google Real-Time Search. The feature allowed you to watch your favorite sporting event from your couch and monitor the noise about it from Google Real-Time Search. It would instantly pull in data from Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and news websites as it was generated, so you could get a full picture of what people were saying and engage as you wished. Continue reading “They’re Back!—Tweets to Appear in Google Search Results in 2015″

Help End Hunger: Take Part in the Be Found Online Feeding Frenzy!

iStock_000030719574LargeIn early February, we at Be Found Online were challenged by Glenn Burr (First Officer of Mojo at Inc. Small Giants Community) to kick-start more specific, intentional charity initiatives for 2015. In the past, we’ve contributed to some great causes, including the Autism Society of Illinois, 4 Greyhound Racers, and Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago, and this year we wanted to do more.

To this end, we’re happy to announce our first charity initiative of 2015: bringing food to those in need not only in Chicago but in communities across the country. The Be Found Online Feeding Frenzy is a company-wide food drive that will take place from March 1st to March 31st, 2015. In addition to our Chicago office, employees from all over the U.S.—including Connecticut, Florida, North Carolina, and Montana—are supporting the Greater Chicago Food Depository as well as their local food banks.

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Programmatic Buying: What’s All the Buzz About?

ProgrammaticBuyingThere seems to be a lot of buzz about programmatic buying and how it’s going to change the world of media buying. Every media genre is trying to deliver the right ad copy, to the right audience, at the right time, for the best rate. For every article written, there are probably 20 different takes on what programmatic buying actually is. One thing’s for sure: an increasing number of brands are taking advantage of the benefits of automation in digital marketing. Continue reading “Programmatic Buying: What’s All the Buzz About?”

How to Leverage Top-Notch Content to Drive B2B Profits

Finance concept: Head With Gears and B2b on chalkboard

In the B2B marketing space, creating quality content can seem like a resource strain, continuously being thrown to the back burner for more pressing, time-sensitive projects.

The truth is B2B content tends to take longer to generate profit than B2C content does. Why? Because the conversion funnel is longer. You’re not marketing a $20 pair of discount blue jeans. Your content is establishing trust along a sales cycle that can typically span several months.

However, content remains an extremely valuable part of B2B marketing campaigns when executed properly. Need somewhere to start? Keep these three strategies in mind in order to develop top-notch, profit-driving digital content for your B2B content efforts. Continue reading “How to Leverage Top-Notch Content to Drive B2B Profits”

Webinar: How You Can Leverage Advanced Geo-Targeting Strategies

Are you interested to learn more about geo-targeting, why it’s important, and how you can use it to help your digital marketing strategy? Join us for a valuable webinar about geo-targeting on Tuesday, February 24th at 11am CST (12pm EST). This live discussion will be hosted by Dan Golden, Be Found Online’s own President & Chief Search Artist, and Michael Gardner, Agency Development Manager at Google. Continue reading “Webinar: How You Can Leverage Advanced Geo-Targeting Strategies”

Target Outranking: Best Practices for Implementing Google’s New Bid Strategy

Target OutrankingIf you’ve ever wanted your ads to display higher than your competitor’s in search results, Google finally has the answer. “Target outranking share” is an emerging flexible bid strategy that automatically sets bids so you can outrank the ads of a competing domain. It’s a great way to increase your visibility in the search space.

How it Works

Target outranking does not improve your ad rank in the overall search engine results. It does, however, help your ad display higher than the ad of another domain of your choosing—such as a competitor who often bids in the same auctions as you do. In other words, this bidding strategy increases your ad’s search visibility compared to the competing domain.

So how does it work? If you choose to use target outranking share, AdWords will automatically raise (or lower) your bids so that your ads outrank the other domain’s. Continue reading “Target Outranking: Best Practices for Implementing Google’s New Bid Strategy”

The Be Found Online SEO Team Gets BrightEdge Super User Certified

BrightEdge LogoBe Found Online is excited to announce that most of our SEO team is officially BrightEdge Super User certified! The entire team received their initial BrightEdge certifications at the beginning of 2014, and our SEO experts were recently selected by BrightEdge to go through Super User training and examination.

During the certification exam, our SEO specialists were split into two teams. When presented with a challenging exam scenario, one team chose a broad local and mobile SEO approach built to enhance the client’s overall SEO strategy. The other team chose a focused local SEO approach which specified one keyword phrase that was vital for the client’s local search and recommended tactics for generating improved rankings and backlinks with that phrase. Continue reading “The Be Found Online SEO Team Gets BrightEdge Super User Certified”

Join Be Found Online’s Quincy Bingham for A Facebook Advertising Meetup

facebook-advertising-fundamentalsHave you been struggling to achieve Facebook advertising success? Join us for an informative and interactive social media marketing meetup on Wednesday, January 28th at 6pm. Our very own Digital Analyst and Facebook Advertising Guru, Quincy Bingham, will present on the topic, illuminating the fundamentals of leading a strong marketing campaign on the popular social platform.

Quincy will deliver his presentation, “Fundamentals for Facebook Advertising Success,” at Connie’s Pizza in the Gold Coast neighborhood in Chicago. He will explain:

  • The 3 things you need to know for effective Facebook advertising
  • How to measure performance
  • How to tweak & refine your campaigns based on performance

Quincy’s presentation will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Havas Media’s Devon Whiteway and Epsilon’s Barbara Maldonado Roering. At the end of the night, participants and attendees will walk away with a stronger understanding of Facebook advertising tactics, and they’ll be able to put those strategies into action for their own brands!
Interested in learning more about the fundamentals of a Facebook advertising campaign? Register now to attend the Facebook Advertising Meetup at Connie’s Pizza on Wednesday, January 28th!

Talking Google Shopping Best Practices with Dan Golden

google-partners-be-found-onlineBFO’s rock star President and Chief Search Artist Dan Golden and his iconic orange jacket seem to be everywhere these days! Dan recently sat down with Jenny Lintz, an agency strategist with Google Partners, to discuss the latest trends and best practices in Google Shopping – and, of course, to brag a bit about the growing success of Be Found Online!

Dan and Jenny touched on a variety of topics about the dynamic field of e-commerce, and they came to some valuable conclusions about developing client relationships, tackling common e-commerce challenges, and striking a balance between profitability and scalability. Other insights included: Continue reading “Talking Google Shopping Best Practices with Dan Golden”