B2B Services


Users from your ideal audience want to find you. They also want to control their journey through the funnel. Our inbound marketing agency helps you respond to the digital marketers call. By providing educational and informative content with on- and off-ramps to qualify leads, you are able to guide serious prospects to conversion.

Like a good guide, a brand practicing inbound marketing must have two things: a strategy and a team of experts. Blogs, articles, email and landing pages need high-quality content. Social media needs the right message to resonate with an audience. And all must be delivered at the right time. Data will reveal these answers, but this means being a student of analytics.

A strong team can fill the gaps where needed, or provide the end-to-end solution. You need a customized strategy to meet your specific goals. BFO’s inbound marketing services provide just that.

The Be Found Online® inbound suite consists of three main services:

Email marketing & Hubspot Consulting

Email marketing remains one of the most profitable forms of digital marketing with unparalleled ROIs. Its results can also be some of the hardest to track, as an email can create sales, even if it doesn’t get opened! Marketing automation, list segmentation and analytics offered by our email marketing services reveal the real impact of each email on campaign results. Dynamic content and a proven strategy support clients with point solutions or a complete end-to-end email marketing solution.


The landing page stands between conversion and click-away. Strong CTAs and compelling content that converts don’t just happen; they come from a deep knowledge of the user. Our landing page development services feature a data-driven approach to monitor and predict user response, personalized content and consistent optimization to adapt to shifting trends and guarantee a seamless user journey. Each page brings marketers deeper insight into what will close and convert their audience to maximize conversions.


CRMs contain a wealth of user data, as do market automation tools, analytics platforms like Google Analytics and more. Monitoring, tracking and analyzing all of it can be a big burden. Our CRM services simplify the effort. We look for ways to integrate disparate systems, aggregate data and analyze it quickly through machine learning and advanced analytics to empower brands to use their data to create deeper relationships with customers, build brand loyalty and drive revenue.