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10 Years Ago…

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Our co-founder and CEO, Steve Krull, took the opportunity to reflect on starting his first company, which has evolved into the BFO we know and love today. Here’s what he had to say:

“Ten years ago, I started a business. On June 1, 2006, TKG Web Solutions was born, which would later be known as The Krull Group. In 2009 I joined forces with Dan Golden and the company was finally re-named Be Found Online.

Here’s a little design retrospective-

From humble beginnings...

From humble beginnings…



Slowly I grew up…



Then I linked up with Mr. Golden…



And we had a (ugly?) baby…



And our baby was growing up (she was a bit colicky)…



And grew up to be beautiful…

It’s been an amazing journey, from long nights wondering where the next client would come from or—heck—thinking about how to pay the mortgage, to great days like the day we won Pep Boys. (Of course, that was immediately followed by the “holy s**t” moment when Dan and I looked at each other and wondered, “How are we going to deliver?”)

I’d like to say I knew what I was doing or that I had a well-thought-out plan way back in ’06. I had only some of those things, though, and not a lot of money either. What I did have was passion and determination that I knew I was doing the right thing for my family. The best advice I got back then was from my friend Sandy: “What’s the worst that happens? You get a job.”

Ten years later, I am happy to report that I do, in fact, have a job—a great job, with a great company, surrounded by great people.

What a ride. I wouldn’t change any of it. Sure, there were (and are) good days and bad days, but the bad aren’t so bad, since even on those days I have my health and my family, which includes everyone on the BFO team. This is one of my favorite places to be on the planet—surrounded by some of the best people the planet has to offer. Every day that I get to be here is an amazing day.

Funny—as much as we feel like we know where we’re headed now, we’re never quite sure where we’ll end up. I’m excited to take on the next ten years the same we took on the past ten years—with the same passion and determination.

Words can’t really express how I feel sitting here today. The best words I can find are “thank you.” Thank you, thank you, thank you! Everyone here makes BFO a great place to be, and for that—thank you!

Whew… now that that’s over, everyone get back to the salt mines!”

It’s clear that Steve is incredibly grateful for the people who have made BFO possible. In fact, we all are. We’re very proud of our humble beginnings and of the exceptional company BFO is today. To learn more about our journey, values, and the team that’s made us tick for ten years and counting, click here.