Mark Twain once said, “It’s not what you don’t know that gets you in to trouble, it’s what you know for sure that just ain’t true.” Trouble is ahead for any business person who believes these four myths about content marketing:

1. Content Marketing works only for sexy, exciting products and services.

Bunk! Even supposedly dull products and services can be featured in successful content marketing campaigns. Sinkhole remediation isn’t usually a hot cocktail party chat topic, yet some sinkhole repair companies are using content marketing to add to profits. They know that great content is not always about being wildly entertaining. Sometimes it’s about having the right information presented concisely and clearly. It’s about steak, not sizzle. Any business can consider the questions that people who need services ask and create useful, engaging content that answers those questions and begins to build the rapport that precedes every sale.

Content Marketing works especially well for B2B Businesses.

2. Content Marketing is expensive.

Hokum! In fact, great content marketing comes from great ideas, not large budgets. Blend Tec, a Utah-based maker of blenders, is not a household name. However, the company grew sales 700% percent nearly overnight with a series of inexpensively produced product demonstration videos. The “Will It Blend” series has attracted millions of views on YouTube because someone at the company understood what every sixth- grader secretly wants to do with Mom’s blender. Dressed in a lab coat, the President of Blend Tec has particalized everything from an iPhone to a garden rake, while selling tens of thousands of Blend Tec’s blenders. Of course, not every campaign works as well as this one, but every active content marketer has an opportunity to score a jackpot.

3. Content Marketing’s results aren’t measurable.


Gibberish! In fact content marketing is highly measurable, perhaps one of the most measurable forms of marketing for those who have an understanding of today’s web tools. Each piece in a content marketing campaign can be evaluated on a variety of different measures. For companies that do e-commerce, the path between content visit and shopping cart sale can be demonstrated. For example, a Chicago pizza restaurant  that uses content marketing and an e-commerce ordering system can determine which types of articles, or which authors are leading to the most pizzas sold, or even the most pepperoni pizzas sold.

It is a great tool to use for lead generation as well!

4. Content Marketing isn’t cost effective.

Balderdash! Certainly marketing dollars can be profitably spent on ad campaigns that potentially could generate profitable leads or sales. But when the campaign ends, the leads stop. The content created in a content campaign, once shared, may keep on generating interest and conversions for a long time. Over the long haul, well done content marketing can be the best way to reach your marketing ROI objectives.

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