Pinterest, the popular visual discovery platform used by millions, is not just a social site for crafty moms. The business benefits of this emerging social giant are surprisingly huge. Not only does Pinterest offer a vast audience of potential customers, but research shows that Pinterest’s average order value is twice as much as Facebook’s, and even higher than those of Google and Amazon. If you haven’t already harnessed the sales power of Pinterest, now’s the time to get started!

Optimize Your Pinterest

Step 1: Convert

Converting your Pinterest account to a business account is a great way to drive more traffic to your website. This simple switch can generate click-throughs to your site and help you expand your brand’s reach. In the example below, Whole Foods gained 100,000 clicks from this pin, and another 120,000 within their website.

Step 2: Optimize Pins for Search

To ensure your pins rank high in Pinterest’s search, it’s important to optimize with these tips:

  • Use compelling, relevant keywords to describe the image you’re pinning. These have a better opportunity to surface within the Pinterest search.
  • Pre-populate pin descriptions from your website.
  • Don’t just drop in keywords or hashtags—write a relevant and engaging description to encourage click-throughs.

Step 3: Try Rich Pins

Add extra detail to your pins to make them more useful to users. There are five types of Rich Pins you can use depending on the product or service your business offers:

  • Place Pins – Includes a map, address, and phone number.
  • Article Pins – Includes headlines, author, and story description.
  • Product Pins – Includes real time pricing, availability, and where to purchase, as well as notifications for price drops.
  • Recipe Pins – Includes ingredients, cooking times, and serving suggestions with recipe filters for special diets.
  • Movie Pins – Includes ratings, cast members, and reviews.

Step 4: Utilize Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest offers a built-in analytics platform which allows you to measure impressions and track your success. Pinterest Analytics can help you:

  • Track pin impressions, high re-pins, and high clicks.
  • Adapt strategies to maximize conversions to product sales and evolve your Pinterest campaigns.
  • Understand audience, demographics, and geo-locations.
  • Cross-track against devices to determine where most pins originate and target content and ads accordingly.

Step 5: Pinterest Interests

To keep your audience engaged, understand what else your pinners like and create custom content to target pins they will share.

Pinterest Interests gives us insights as to the audience boards which have our content pinned. We can analyze these followers and also learn the type of content they want to share with their own audiences. Understanding audience demographics, gender, and location can help you tailor your content so it’s perfect for simply sharing with pinners.

Step 6: Promoted Pins (Coming Soon)

Pinterest will soon be launching Promoted Pins, a paid advertising option that will allow you to boost pins and help them reach your target audience. Join the waitlist so you can start reaping the benefits of Promoted Pins as soon as possible. You’ll be able to:

  • Promote your best pins and improve their reach
  • Use targeting to choose who sees it
  • Only pay for click-throughs
  • Measure what works and what doesn’t

A Pinterest business account can help drive traffic to your website, bring compelling content to your customers, and expand your brand’s reach to an entirely new audience. Get started with a business account on this social giant and start encouraging click-throughs!

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