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An “All You Can Eat” Paid Media Strategy

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Putting together a paid media strategy is comparable to being in an a la carte line. The options are endless, and there is a strategy when balancing the filled plate as you walk back to your table.

So what are we talking about here? Eating a la carte, or a paid media strategy? All the platform options—Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, Display (countless networks), Native, Facebook, (come up for air)…Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest—can be overwhelming. As digital strategists, we are looked to by our clients for guidance in putting together a developed paid media strategy. So how do we get the most conversions? How do you know what percentage of media should be spent on search versus social? How do you know which platforms should be utilized?

3 Tips for Developing a Paid Media Strategy:

#1: Choose the Right Agency

The best and most direct answer is to choose a digital agency that understands your company’s goals and is looking out for your company’s best interests. At BFO, we optimize our clients’ paid media strategies to work across multiple platforms, not just within them. Our attribution strategies allow you to understand not only which channels are working, but also which channels work best together to ensure a truly integrated digital strategy.

#2: Focus on the Essentials First

As in standing in an a la carte line, pick the most essential item first and get as much as possible to ensure fulfillment. When incorporating multiple platforms, we focus on performance that drives results. Driving performance is what we do!

#3: Test, Analyze, and Evolve

As digital marketers, we love to strategize, analyze, and test the hell out of everything. Testing and encompassing different platforms is one of the best parts of being a digital marketer. There are right and wrong answers when putting together an evolved strategy.

Remember, results aren’t going to happen overnight and optimization is key. However, finding the right balance when incorporating paid media in a digital strategy over time is comparable to finally sitting down at the table and eating the masterpiece that you created.

Food for thought.

If you want to start implementing a paid media strategy, hire the right agency. We put together an ebook for you on how to research paid media agencies and find the best fit for your business. Check it out.