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Increase Display Advertising ROI in Google Analytics 360

In a previous post, I covered how Analytics 360 creates a high definition picture that informs both digital and traditional marketing efforts. In this article, we’ll look at how it can speed ROI for display ads, especially through integration with DoubleClick.

How Analytics 360 Transforms DoubleClick

DoubleClick is a great tool for the management of display ads and remarketing campaigns. Add in A360 and it becomes even more powerful. The reason for this has everything to do with the difference between Google Analytics standard and A360.

Google Analytics produces reports based on sampled data once traffic reaches a certain level . Then it extrapolates the real traffic. Depending on volume and data selected, real traffic and activity may vary significantly. If it were a picture, it would like this:


Analytics 360 provides a clear cut picture in the form of a complete data set of real traffic. You could think of it this way:


With all the pixels it’s a very different picture.

Like all the pixels produce a clear picture, the data in DoubleClick becomes quite clear with A360. Unlike Google Analytics which only provides click data to DoubleClick, the more robust A360 provides both click and impression (views) data. This allows a marketer to establish the relationship between views and clicks to make better informed decisions.

Speed Your ROI with Data

It’s all about conversion rate, isn’t it? For example, fifty clicks a month may feel inadequate. You might even consider ending the display ads, right?

But what if that fifty clicks came from only one hundred views? In that case, you’d pour money into the display ads to ensure you reach your entire target audience. Click-Through-Rate (CTR) makes all the difference.

The knowledge delivered by Analytics 360 and DoubleClick enables digital marketing managers to optimize budgets. It also reduces the testing effort. The complete data set gives real time insight into what customers respond to. Maybe all that’s needed is a small change to the creative side of the ad. Maybe it needs a better headline.

A360 and DoubleClick make it possible to reduce testing. The full data clarifies the relationship between impressions, CTR and conversion. This quickly illuminates the changes that create the best results.

The full data set also helps to understand traffic patterns and properly attribute successes to the different elements of your digital marketing effort. You’ll see how each piece affects conversions from a long-term and short-term perspective. For example, after one client’s DoubleClick integration we uncovered a misattribution of 10.49% of all “First Click” conversions. This meant we uncovered a successful display marketing effort worth $4.3 million in sales that had been credited elsewhere.

Additional Benefits of Analytics 360 for DoubleClick

Fully integrated, marketers can analyze DoubleClick Campaign Manager data in A360. The DoubleClick Bid Manager integration allows marketers to pull customized target audience lists from A360 to enhance remarketing campaigns. Consolidated analysis and better targeting improves results and reduces the time it takes to create the reports to show off the success.

How to Get Started

At BFO, we’ve seen the power of Anlaytics 360 and DoubleClick. It can also be a powerful tool to drive bigger Ecommerce revenue. To learn more ways in which you can use the power of data to drive revenue for your business, check out the next post in this series.

For more information on Analytics 360 and to see if it’s right for you, check out this ebook.