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Use High Definition Data to Unify Digital Campaigns

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As marketers, we want as much data as possible. The more we have, the better our results (conversions). The best data is the complete, pure, unfiltered data that paints a clear picture of every aspect of your marketing.

How important is data like this? Consider how fast Google has grown. It went from garage startup to the second most valuable brand in the world in only twenty years. Its entire business is data.

Even if you’re not in the business of data, you can leverage the power of online data related to your business. Google offers every company access through Analytics 360, or A360 for short.

Analytics 360 is like a 77 inch OLED 4K HDR Smart TV. It gives a crisp picture like this:



The picture comes in clear and you can see every last detail. That’s what Analytics 360 does for marketing. It delivers every last detail of user activity. And just like that beautiful 77 inch high-def TV, it’s not free.

Google does offer a free alternative. You know it. That’s Google Analytics standard. It offers many very useful functions and delivers analytics and reporting for many websites. For many it works well, but a lot like a 1080p TV, it provides lower definition. In reality, it’s a picture like this:


The Difference Between Google Analytics and A360

Walk into a room and spend a little time watching the High Defintion 77 inch TV. Then go into another room to watch the same show on a 22 inch 1080p TV. You’ll feel like you’re watching a show on a flip-phone.
That’s really the difference between Google Analytics standard and A360. Now, as noted, Google Analytics standard works well for many companies with lower volumes of traffic. Their data matches the resolution it offers. The problems begin for companies with higher traffic volume.

When traffic reaches a certain point (500,000 sessions per report, for those keeping track), Google Analytics starts sampling. This means it takes a smaller portion of the data and extrapolates the results. Instead of real data, a marketer gets an estimate.

Here’s what that means for a marketer. Let’s say a company had a real number of 100 million sessions and Google Analytics standard sampled only 500,000. That means only .5% of the data is grabbed. It also means the picture delivered to the marketer is based on less than 1% of the real data.

A360 delivers every last detail for the crispest, clearest picture of your online traffic.

Unify Campaigns with Analytics 360

Like that 77 inch OLED 4K HDR Smart TV delivers an incredible high definition viewing experience, A360 provides what we call “High Definition” analytics. The data provided makes it possible to observe connect interactions between digital and traditional marketing efforts through attribution. This creates opportunities to deliver better customer experiences though more unified and personalized campaigns.

Here are a few other benefits:

Smarter Reporting. A complete data set allows for audience segmentation and better tracking of response by channel. It also delivers clear, fact-based reports that are ideal for executive reporting.

Advanced Integrations. A360 increases results in applications like DoubleClick where display ad results become crystal clear and custom audiences can be created. It also integrates with cloud-based BiqQuery for faster and more detailed data analysis. Adwords, Domo, and Klipfolio also offer integrations, but in reality, it can integrate with any application that offers an API.

Faster ROIs. Real traffic data reveals trends. It also reveals what works and what doesn’t. This allows for a better understanding of customer preferences to create more successful ads, landing pages, social and more for higher conversions. And that means a much faster ROI.

Accurate Budgeting. Armed with the clear picture provided by data, marketers can put money in areas generating results.

Where to Start…

With its clear picture of online traffic, Analytics 360 empowers marketers with data. It’s a powerful tool and can even increase Ecommerce revenue. To learn more ways in which you can use the power of data to drive revenue for your business, check out the next post in this series.

If you want to see if A360 is right for you, take a look at this ebook.