A recent article in USAToday says that many businesses are abandoning blogging for Facebook posts instead. We see this as a detrimental move. While Facebook posts are extremely helpful for social customer service and brand building, blogging helps a business instill authority in their space, share useful information in a more detailed format and build long-term SEO value. Some other benefits to business blogging include:

  • Blogs provide fresh content on the site without having to update the otherwise static pages
  • Blog posts are archived and can appear in the SERPs long after the post is published while Facebook posts are a flash in the pan
  • Blog posts reach audiences that aren’t on Facebook (because there are consumers out there who don’t utilize the social network)
  • Blog content is owned by the company who writes the blog, whereas Facebook content is owned and monitored by Facebook
  • Blog posts dig into details while Facebook posts are short and sweet. A short Facebook post can promote a longer blog entry

Be Found Online Blogging for BusinessBlogs are useful for maintaining positive client relationships. You already have loyal clientele, but they like to be reminded that you are the right person for the task. Your blog posts establish your credibility and experience, and reassure your clients that you are in fact the best solution for their concerns. While Facebook posts connect you with your customers on a personal level, blog posts consistently emphasize your worth. Blogs promote trust, Facebook posts promote interaction. Both must be a part of your marketing strategy if you want to obtain, and maintain, a wide net of clientele.

For more information, download our Blogging for Business white paper.