You may have noticed that plenty of professionals are tweeting about Pinterest. Well, at least I see tweets about this new social sharing site quite often. What is Pinterest? Imagine a personal bulletin board with all of your favorite items posted to it – quotes, URLs, photos – that you share with your friends. Pinterest is becoming so popular that you must request an invite from the Pinterest site. After you request to join, you are placed on a waiting list. The waiting list is probably a good sign showing us that a large audience is brewing – an audience you don’t want to miss. Though still early, it looks as if Pinterest may be the best marketing tool for retailers. Although Pinterest doesn’t allow its site to be used as a marketing tool, you can still post photos of your products on your board and if people like what they see, they “pin” it to their board. Now others can see your beautiful products. As I was clicking through the site, I noticed that Pinterest is most adored by women, probably because of all the outfits and shoes and craft “pins”. But I also noticed that Pinterest touches down on all things people love. Photos showing elaborate and beautiful homes , displaying those exotic bathrooms that we all wish we owned. Boards with images of hair styles, home décor, makeup and outfits, and breathtaking landscapes. It seems as if Pinterest is encouraging us to take a step out of our little boxes and experience what the world truly has to offer.” But that is enough about the philosophical side of Pinterest, now let’s talk about how this social sharing site will boost your business!

Pinterest allows users to create separate boards for different categories. So, if you are a retailer of female outfits, you could really hit it big with Pinterest by posting photos of the “going out” clothing, and the “casual” clothing, and of course, the shoes. Because it’s so easy to manage these different boards, it acts as another website for your business. The only difference with Pinterest is that you could reach customers who may have no idea that you exist.  Imagine if you are a retailer for products for homes or commercial businesses. You could “pin” your products into different categories for all to see because you cannot create a “pin” unless you have uploaded an image. It’s all about being seen, so make sure that you have flattering photos of your products.

One feature of Pinterest is a button that can be installed in browsers so users can “pin” any photo from any website. Similar to StumbleUpon, any image (if appropriate) from any site can be “pinned”. Here are some extra tips to consider when creating a Pinterest page for your business.

  • “Pin” other products and images, not just your products
  • Keep the page simple
  • Promote your page through Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter
  • Create a theme to “pin” daily like crafts or landscapes (to encourage followers to check your page every day)
  • Follow the popular and influential “pinners”

Pinterest can work for your business for many reasons, but the most important reason to note is that you can link your images back to their source. So, if you have some photos of your products and you want those fellow “pinners” out there to find your webpage, they can through your “pin”. The more people “re-pin” your images, the more successful your page will be. Remember! Always “pin” other content so users can see you as a serious “pinner” and not just a company that wants more publicity. Users can always tell.