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Don’t Give out your Social Passwords

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Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 3.55.40 PMWell, of course, the title to this blog is pretty obvious. We all know not to give out our passwords and to make sure they aren’t basic enough to get hacked. After Associated Press’s Twitter account was hacked last week, brands and individuals alike have been a bit alarmed as to just how secure their accounts are.

To test the security knowledge, a New York based developed a simple tool called to find out just how strong your password is. You are greeted by a simple one pager with large letters stating, “Is Your Twitter Password Secure?”, along with instructions to enter your username/email and Password. Upon attempting to type anything, the page turns into a doomsday styled message, almost like a whack on the nose with a newspaper and a finger wag. The page turns red and the message “No No No No No No No No Don’t be an Idiot” appears. We all know better, but still make the decision to attempt to depend on third party tools for the safety of out logins. We all do it, but this little lesson in where to share your login is very valuable, without causing consequence.

Lesson learned? Never enter your account username and password into a third party for your Social platforms. I’d go a step further to say, never enter ANY of account logins into any third party system! Although new technology and security is developed almost daily these days, so do the attempts to hack into these secure systems. Hackers see this as a challenge and are very willing to see how they can do it.

So, in closing, take into consideration where you’re storing your passwords and perhaps look at how secure they are. If you have your pet, Mr. Frisky, as a password, then chances are you may need to change it to something less crackable.