What’s Changed in the SERPs to Warrant this Paradigm Shift?

Google’s SERPs are becoming increasingly diverse. The standard 10-blue-links result page is a thing of SEO past. This means the way to approach increasing your organic search presence can’t be limited to just metadata optimization and link building campaigns anymore.

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Organic Search Success is About Getting Different Experts to Work Together

Organic search campaigns operating in a silo from other sections of the website’s marketing efforts are missing more opportunity than ever before. The sites who will “win” in organic search are those who can ensure a variety of experts (who didn’t collaborate before) are working in tandem to amplify each other’s tactics.

Here are a few opportunities for collaboration between groups in your digital marketing team to benefit each other’s initiatives.

Keyword Research-Based Content Development:

There may be no bigger contributor to the success (or failure) of your organic efforts than getting SEO and content working together. I can’t even guess how many millions of dollars I’ve seen spent by clients over the years on content that no one is ever going to find via organic search.

Content can be creative, engaging and shareable while still having all the proper SEO components in place.

Utilize your SEO keyword research findings when developing your content calendar, ensuring the topics chosen can naturally include your agreed-upon keywords, especially long-tail variation.

Once your creative content minds work their magic, allow your SEO experts final review of the content prior to publishing. This will ensure all of your chosen keywords are naturally incorporated throughout a piece of content and unique internal links (along with anchor text) are optimized.

A great example of how SEO can find low-hanging fruit for your content team is with Google’s “featured snippets”. Your SEO team should be able to provide a list of keywords that feature these enhanced listings and help your content experts structure a page that will increase your chance of being featured in this prominent section of the SERP.

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Local Search is More Important than Ever Before

Gone are the days when Google My Business local listings were mostly appearing on “near me” search queries, and a little more frequently on mobile devices. Often times, websites with multiple locations have a local listings management team (or software solutions) that are largely fragmented from other digital marketing departments.

Search engines continue to show more and more localized results across a variety of search queries.

Here’s a peek at the SERP when I do a search for “auto parts” here in Chicago from my desktop computer:

Local Search Results - BFO

This screenshot clearly shows us the importance of having Chicago-specific pages on our site if we want to rank well for the keyword “auto parts” for people searching in Chicago. Your SEO experts should be able to provide your content team with a list of keywords requiring location-specific pages.

We also need to make sure each of our Google My Business listings are as optimized as possible, including accurate store information, unique images and reviews.

These are just a couple of examples where there’s room for the cross-pollination among specialties to ensure your digital marketing goals are met. There are countless other areas to break down silos and get people working together to make you more successful.

Where have you seen similar challenges to organic search success and how did you overcome them? Or have you? Start a conversation to learn more about the comprehensive BFO Organic Solution.