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Facebook Graph Search for Marketing

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I came across a write up on Mashable today about the Pros and Cons of using Facebook’s Graph Search for marketing. I think that it’s very important to make sure to consider all angles to a new product prior to including it in your marketing plan. Here is my take for each point provided by the contributors:

1. Retaining Current Customers vs. Acquiring New Ones

Because Facebook it better at client retention than pulling new business, Yodle’s Ben Rubenstein suggests finding other tools to guide you on the acquisition of new clients. I can agree to a degree that it can be much easier to market to your current clients on Facebook, but you don’t want to continue to inundate marketing to the same group without changing it up a wee bit. More often than not, your current customers are connected to potential new business contacts who are finding out about your brand through these customers. I think you have to balance it all out, but it’s still necessary to continue to keep messaging open to anyone who could be watching you. That being said, it’s nice to turn off the sales megaphone and communicate organically with your customers to understand them more then you have before. Balancing acts may be required, but you will get the hang of it.

2. Utilize Conversion Measurement

Using the Facebook Conversion measurement tool allows you to better match your platform likes with online purchases. Using this tool is effective in making sure your remarketing efforts are going to the right people. You don’t want to throw your marketing dollars into a black hole, right? Make sure to learn more about this tool and use it to your advantage.

3. Enable Engagement and Understand the Specific Results

 As Graph Search rolls out new tools to help better understand your audience, you will be able to engage you users who are liking, sharing, commenting, checking in and redeeming the offers from your brand’s page. Understanding who is doing what from where is a great way to be able to hone further in on your target audience and to gain the feedback needed to know you’re hitting your target.

4. Use Graph Search to better Invest Facebook Dollars

As I mentioned above, no one wants to just throw their marketing dollars into a black hole. You want to make sure you’re getting the results you’re looking for and you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Putting in the research can save you dough for other marketing endeavors. If you’re looking for Buyers in Dallas, running a quick Graph Search can help you know who will potentially be viewing and clicking on your ad.

5. Build Community Through Social Graph

If you’re looking to target your key influencers and want to bring them together within your social or in person community, then you can search for these people in Graph search, by geographic location and contact them to bring together.

6. Use Google Analytics to Track Facebook Leads

Because Facebook’s engagement tools are sub par, we continue to use the always trusty Google Analytics  to track leads to sites coming in from Facebook. I guess if it ain’t broke, don’t it, but I can foresee Facebook attempting to one-up or at least one-even the score with Google Analytics to make their social platform more beast-like to house everything in one massive social platform. Once again, with the tracking, we’re able to see conversions to engagement and determine what topics are  really the most desired from our audience.

7. Recruit with Social Graph

Most (two-thirds) recruiters are utilizing Facebook for finding relevant candidates, which is a cost saver for them, in an industry that doesn’t always offer an inexpensive clear cut solution to recruiting the right candidates. A new tool from Universum may help change things soon enough.

8. Hone Your Target Audience with Graph

(Notice a trend here?) Graph Search opens the opportunity to understanding your audience by their interests and targeting those audience members based on said interests. Instead of guessing whether or not your Golfer targets like ice cream, you can see what percentage enjoy ice cream, where they have gone for ice cream and what brand of ice cream they may enjoy best.

Taking the guess work out of the equation makes it that much easier to converse with and convert your audience into customers and allows you to plan for your approach without coming across insincere. I’m sure I may have just overwhelmed you with so many things about marketing with Facebook’s new Graph Search. Need a better understanding? Feel free to give us a shout to learn more!