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Financial Website Experiment Improves Engagement by 4-8%

One of our clients, Seacoast Bank, was looking to the analytics team at BFO to help improve engagement on their website.

The Challenge: Improving Website Performance

We noticed that the Seacoast website design featured gray buttons. These buttons did not “pop” out of the background. We wanted to perform an experiment to see whether changing the button color would entice more people to click on the “Apply Now” button.Grey Button - BFO

Possible Solution: Change Button Color to Orange

After looking at their website to see which color would “pop” the most, we offered to change the button color to orange. This color stood out from the background very well and complemented the site’s design at the same time. The change ensured that the button still looked like it belonged on the page while drawing more attention to itself.

Orange Button - BFO

Setting Up the Experiment

We used Google Optimize with Google Tag Manager to launch this experiment. We consulted with the client and they wanted to use their business banking page to run this experiment on. When the Optimize and Tag Manager tags were installed and verified, we used the built-in Optimize editor to change the colors. We also set it up so that 50% of the traffic was presented with the orange buttons while the other 50% were presented with the original grey buttons. For our testing metrics, we selected these three:

  • Apply Now and prequalify goal completions–where someone applied for a loan/account
  • Pages Per Session–to check for increased engagement/exploration of the website
  • Bounce Rate–to see if people were not leaving right after viewing the page


Experiment Results

After monitoring the tests after only 2 weeks, we saw a dramatic change in the pages per session favoring the orange button experiment. This consistently showed improvement over the base color of grey and even though the experiment was only running for 2 weeks, Google Optimize felt comfortable enough to have a 100% probability to be best in this metric!

Graph 1

Additional Improvements Due to the Experiment

In addition to the fantastic pages per session improvement, both the goal and the bounce rate improved. The bounce rate had a 93% chance to win over the base color by reducing most of the bounces. This means that people were not immediately leaving the page and were enticed to click around the website more with the orange button in place.

Bounces - Graph 2- BFO


The Apply Now and prequalify goal also saw an uptick. This means that more people were applying for Seacoast’s services. The grey buttons had 193 applications while the orange buttons garnered 221 applications.

Apply Now - BFO

Although the application improvement was not as massive, the success of the bounce rate and pages per session (engagement) really showed that experimenting with a small change can have a large impact on the website. In addition, more applications for Seacoast services were logged (199 + 221 = 420 total applications!), so by even doing this experiment, they gained!

Even the smallest changes can make a big impact, improving user experience and engaging more site visitors. Start a conversation to find out more.