BFO-how-to content

Nearly every business can attract organic traffic and build credibility by creating “how-to” content. Whether you are a leading online retailer of pre-made cabinetry, a high-traffic golf supply e-commerce site, or have a business in some other vertical, you should be thinking about what kind of how-to content to use to build your business and brand.

Here are five ways to make that content work harder for you:

Bring it to life with video. In most how-to content, showing beats the snot out of telling. Shoot a video of the process you are trying to demonstrate—it usually makes for a quicker, more digestible, and more interesting how-to.

Use a consistent spokesperson. Consider carefully who should be the demonstrator in your video content. Make sure the person has the credentials to be credible but also has the personality to bring the how-tos to life in a way that fits your brand. Sometimes, a brand finds magic in a spokesperson who’s just right—think Tom Bodett for Motel 6 or the Geico Gecko.

Recognize your audience probably has varying levels of expertise. A golf site, for example, could have tips appropriate for low handicappers and tips for people who are just starting to play golf.

Let your content live in various places. Members of your audience will have different learning styles. Some will want to learn by seeing. Others will skip the video because they like to read and imagine a process. Adapting your content to people who learn differently will give your business more ways to be found and to ensure your how-tos consistently impress.

Share it. Make your how-to content easy to find and share. Consider moving how-to content to its own section of your company website, rather than having it live on a blog where other posts continually push it down the page. Make sharing it as simple as clicking a button.

I hope you have found this how-to-get-the-most-out-of-your-how-to-content post useful and fun. Need help developing how-tos for your content calendar? Start a conversation.