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The Future of Mobile Advertising – Part 1: Analyzing Your Audience

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Isn’t mobile advertising just fantastic?!? Because of these new technologies surfacing every year, we as businesses can easily send out our advertisements to whomever we want to. Before we had to create perfect eye-catching advertisements to submit to the newspapers in hopes that someone will find our ad and be interested enough to take action.

Well, we have grown a lot since those days and thankfully too! Today, we can pick and choose who we send our advertisements to and we no longer need to wish that someone will miraculously pay attention to our advertisements over the hundreds of others in the reader’s view.

We will go straight to the people who want to see our ads. Of course, it does take some time because we need to analyze our audience for three hours in Google Analytics just so we can make sure that we are putting our money in the right places. And does it pay off!

Analyzing your audience is the most efficient way to ensure that your advertisements are seen by the people who may want to use your services. The best way to analyze your audience is by becoming close friends with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics helps businesses better target their advertisements, create higher converting websites and strengthen marketing initiatives. Google Analytics tells us how people found our site, what they did or read while on our site and even the page they were on when they left. Now we really know what the audience is doing with our websites.

The next thing we need to do is analyze the social media activity of mobile users. We must determine the interest, gender and geographic location of mobile users. Now we can send our advertisements to the targeted audience.

In short, we must:

  • Create a campaign objective
  • Choose and target an audience
  • Create an effective advertisement
  • Analyze the results

Mobile devices continue to advance every day, so it only makes sense to spend the time it takes to analyzing our audience, because the results will be amazing! Targeting our audience helps us put our advertising dollars in the right place.

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