Geo-fencing.” Yep, you might look at that and say “What!” It sounds like something you might need for your yard, and in a way, it is: but for potential customers who are searching right IN your backyard (so to speak).


Geo-fencing isn’t new; it’s been used in electronic security for several years. Think of a direct mail campaign: it targets a selected demographic via zip code. Geo-fencing also targets by real geography, but in a different way: shoppers enter your pre-set “geo-fence” – a real geographic perimeter that you define around or near your business. As shoppers search a relevant term from their mobile device within that perimeter, they are shown real-time mobile ads and promotions happening in your store right then.

Geo-fencing is a hyper-customized way of attracting new business, and we’ve seen how tremendously successful – and affordable – the results can be.  Consumers are responding to well-crafted messages in significantly high numbers, contributing to an immediate Mobile ROI.

Pretty ingenious, isn’t it?

If you want to start implementing a geo-fencing strategy, hire the right agency to get you started. We put together an ebook for you to research paid media agencies and find the best fit for your business. Check it out.