Google has just announced the coming release of four analytics updates. According to Google, these updates are designed to provide businesses of all sizes the ability to get more from their data. Each of the product updates introduces new, free functionality targeted toward small to mid-size businesses based on upgrades to its Analytics 360 platform for enterprise-sized companies. Let’s take a look!

Google Optimize and Optimize 360

Part of its 360 platform, Optimize 360 gives enterprises a powerful tool to personalize and customize web content without engaging a web developer. It delivers a smoother and easier interface for web content editing and a reliable testing tool.

Implementing Optimize 360 is easy as well. Code gets loaded on the website. At this point, changes can be made directly to the site without making a request of the web developer. Add in different images, change fonts and edit titles on pages or even build code or iframe for testing.

All of these incredible features leverage the power of Google Analytics 360. This allows for specific targeting of custom audiences and experimentation to determine which landing pages produce the best results. Using the audience segmentation and data analysis in Analytics 360, an enterprise can focus on which landing page produces the best results for paid search campaigns and designate specific pages strictly for organic traffic.

Google Optimize will be the free version that leverages the power of Google Analytics. This will give small and mid-size businesses a testing and customer personalization tool that works for both desktop and mobile sites. Like Optimize 360, it will require minimal setup.

Google Data Studio and Data Studio 360

This platform provides a dashboard for data visualization and reporting. It offers the ability to see data and results clearly along with functionality to encourage collaboration. Soon it will offer templates in both versions to make it easier to use and generate simple, attractive reports. In the near future, we also hope to see additional integrations with non-Google products including manual API integrations.

Session Quality Score

Google will implement this new metric in both Google Analytics and Analytics 360. The Session Quality score uses machine learning to predict the probability of a visitor making a purchase on a site or in an app. This metric will help businesses understand customer behavior for marketing and remarketing campaigns as well as create even more appealing customer experiences.

Here’s a sample screenshot provided by Google:


Google Tag Manager and Tag Manager 360

Both applications will offer new, turn-key tags. What’s the difference? They will be easier and include expanded integrations. Here’s a list of the current turn-key tags.

Why Google Analytics  and Analytics 360?

Google Analytics is the free site analytics software provided by Google. Analytics 360 is the more robust platform (formerly called Google Analytics Premium). So what’s the difference?

It comes down to traffic. Google Analytics works well for companies with lower online traffic. When traffic exceeds a certain point, this platform starts to sample data. This means it extrapolates the results. In our experience, enterprise-sized companies always exceed these traffic levels. Check out our new Ebook to see which one is right for you.



Regardless of which data analysis platform you use, these new updates offer businesses a big opportunity to collect data and apply it in customer-focused ways. If you’d like more ideas on how your business can leverage these updates start a conversation today.

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