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Get the Inside Scoop on 2015 SEO with Be Found Online’s New Ebook

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If you’ve been looking for an easy-to-follow SEO guide that’s written by the experts, the search is over. Be Found Online’s new eBook, “The Marketer’s Guide to Managing and Maximizing SEO Success,” is the most digestible and comprehensive SEO resource available for marketing professionals. Our guide provides marketers with the knowledge they need to not only manage, but also optimize SEO success as part of an overall marketing strategy.

This handy downloadable guide provides a much-needed glimpse into the ever-changing world of SEO. By considering and understanding the seven key pieces of SEO strategy in today’s digital marketing world, marketers will be able to maximize SEO success and ultimately drive more awareness, leads, and revenue for their business. Download the Marketer’s Guide to learn more about:

  • Targeting the Right Keywords
    • Understand how keyword strategy can change as your site context shifts.
  • Distributing Content for Effective Link-Building
    • Our experts offer guidelines for creating safe and valid backlinks for your site as a PR activity.
  • Evolving with Mobile
    • With the increasing popularity of mobile search, it is imperative that websites are versatile and able to adapt to multiple platforms.
  • How to Integrate Social Media with SEO
    • Social media has become one of the most important components in online exposure. But how does this affect your site’s search engine ranking?
  • Technical Changes in SEO
    • Technical SEO evolves at a rapid rate. BFO has laid out all the major gamechangers marketers need to be aware of moving forward in 2015.
  • Best Tools
    • What tools are needed in order to ensure your SEO efforts are effective? Rest assured that these efforts are not in vain by understanding the three types of SEO tools available.
  • Creating Meaningful SEO Reports
    • Don’t settle for cookie-cutter reports. Instead, see how SEO reports that tell a story enable marketers to understand so much more than just numbers.

Be Found Online’s SEO experts have highlighted the key features in each topic while covering what marketers should take into consideration in all seven aspects of SEO. Learn more about a variety of techniques and tactics, from how to leverage social media to gain authority with a search engine, to the low-down on SEO tools. (Trust us, these guys know what they’re talking about!)

Check out Be Found Online’s comprehensive SEO guide by downloading the eBook today!