Google unveiled last Tuesday a new, better way to display ads on Google Maps and Google Maps for Mobile. This more effective monetization of maps means more opportunities for advertisers. The new interface features a scrolling list below the search box, making it easier for users to browse ads that are relevant to their searches. The updated display shows ads above organic listings so that potential customers can immediately see the kinds of businesses they’re looking for.

Google Maps Ads

This update provides not only a more pleasant view for users, but also makes it simple for potential customers to connect with your business. The new view places information from ad extensions front and center. If you use call extensions or location extensions, your customers will have the option to call you directly from ads. Location extensions also make information such as ratings, store hours, and a Street View image of your business clearly visible, giving customers an instant glimpse at the essentials.

So what do the new Google Maps ads interface mean for your business? It’s time to make sure that your local campaigns are tuned up so you can make the most of the updated view.

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