At the end of May 2012, Google converted all Google Places pages and Google+ Pages for Business to Google+ Local pages. All local business pages can now be accessed by a Local tab on Google+ and also through links on Google Maps. Google Search Results and Google+ search results for queries with a geo qualifier will point to the Google+ Local pages. Users can also reach Google+ Local pages through its mobile app.

We’ve been watching the results unfold, and we’ve noticed that there have been a few hiccups during the transition including missing reviews / ratings and some missing images from new Google+ listings. We’ll wait patiently while Google works through the kinks.

We do know that Google is socializing and productizing Google+ Local. Users who want to rate a business must have a Google+ account and their reviews will be shown prominently to the people in their circles.

Google+ also rolls out a feature previously in beta – Google Offers. Google has replaced the coupons feature that was in Google Places with a Groupon-like offering that will be a pay-to-play model.

For more information about Google+ Local and how you can prepare for it, read our latest Blog Post. We unravel the confusion behind the change and tell you the steps you should take to make the best of the social aspects of Google+ Local.