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Google+ Social Management

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Why a page on our site just about Google+?

  1. Because Google+ is very new, and, unlike Facebook, not many businesses have adopted it yet
  2. Because Google+ is changing the way Google presents search results
  3. Because if your business is not taking advantage of Google+, then your site could fail to appear in Google’s personalized search results

What is Google+?

Google+ is Google’s answer to Facebook. It allows you to categorize your social community into Circles and share updates with your Circles. One very influential component of Google+ is the +1 button. The +1 button allows a user to “+1″ a website, giving it their vote of confidence or recommendation. (The +1 button appears when you hover over a listing in the Google search results. )

How is Google+ Changing Google’s Search Results?

Google introduced Search Plus Your World which personalizes a user’s search results by incorporating sites that people in their Circles have recommended. For more information read our Google’s Search Plus Your World POV. The consequences of Google’s new rollout is that, over time, it will be more difficult to appear in the search results if users haven’t recommended your website on Google+. The solution? You need to be aware of how your customers respond to your business! It’s not enough to have a nice website anymore, it’s important to engage your customers and respond to them – both face-to-face and online.

How Can Be Found Online Help?

Don’t fear! Be Found Online are social experts who specialize in search engine optimization! We will work with you to build a Google+ Business Page that will be optimized for your audience. We will also coach you on how to post updates to your Google+ Page so that you engage your users and get invited to more Circles. No time for that? We can take on the social management of your Google+ Page so you can focus on running your business while we get you followers and +1’s you need to secure your place in the search results.

Are you engaging in social customer service? If not, now is the time to start. Turn negative comments into positive ones by responding to online complaints about your business. Be proactive and thank users who post positive mentions about your products and services. Both will go a long way to gaining a +1 vote for your website. We can show you how to create a social customer service plan with lasting effects.

Learn more by giving us a call at 877-553-6863 or requesting a proposal.