There’s been lots of buzz about Google’s announcement on May 16th of the Knowledge Graph. Our clients have been asking us if they need to be concerned. We don’t think so.

The Knowledge Graph is Google’s answer to Wikipedia. In fact,Be Found Online Google Knowledge Graph they take facts directly from Wikipedia, Freebase, CIA World Factbook and other credible sources then display information right in the search results to improve your searching experience. When searching for one of the 500 million objects or 3.5 billion facts that Google has collected, you may see either a fact box appear in the right hand column of search results providing you with factual details of your search query, or if your search term is ambiguous, you may see Google asking you to refine your search query to one of the objects in their database. Either way, you will be shown a list of similar queries that people have performed relating to that particular topic.

Want to be prepared for the U.S. roll out of Google Knowledge Graph? Read our Knowledge Graph Point of View to find out what you can do to make sure that the facts Google has about your brands are, well, factual.