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Happy Anniversary to Pinterest!

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bfo-imageMarch is the full of so many wonderful things; my birthday, first day of Spring, and the anniversary of the launch of Pinterest. This month marks the 3 year anniversary of Pinterest being live. The popular photo sharing site in style of a collection of pin boards has exploded since it’s launch in 2010, having grown from 600,000 monthly visitors in June of 2011 to a whooping 25 million unique visitors in October 2012, (Forbes). Pinterest also has 25 million unique visitors each month, along with a higher revenue per click than Facebook.

I think this new way of sharing with friends and followers is such an innovative way to find new ideas and plan events and trips without leaving your computer. You can’t quite pull off the intricacies of pin boards on a platform like Facebook. You’d lose friends left and right. With Pinterest, users are browsing through millions of different things that are categorized within specific interests. From Women’s fashion and home decor ideas to art and travel, you could literally spend hours perusing the contents of pins. I’m not using the word literally loosely either! Trust me, I’ve spent a few hours  at a time, at home, before realizing, “oh no! It’s bed time! I’ve spent all evening looking up delicious recipes and cute Spring ensembles!”

How is Pinterest a great tool for your business? Well, remember I said they have a higher revenue per click than Facebook? Try they have 18.5 cents versus Facebook’s 14 cents. Pinterest isn’t just for people to bookmark and set aside ideas and plans. It’s also a way to discover things viewers wouldn’t think to search for. Let’s say I’m looking at cookie recipes and I come across an Irish cream cookie bar. I would have never thought to look for that! Let’s also say that I need a specific Irish cream for the recipe, or clicking on the pinned recipe takes me to the website of an Irish cream manufacturer. I’m more likely to buy that brand of Irish cream, because I was taken to the site that shared the recipe. Also businesses can hold contests on Pinterest, which helps spread the brand’s awareness across the platform. Pinterest also uses hashtags which allow users to search for specific key words and phrases. These are all valuable tools for your business!

I say give Pinterest at try for your business to see how it can work for you. Not quite sure how to get started? Drop us a line to learn more about how Pinterest can help your brand gain awareness and more revenue!