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How Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm Changes Affect Advertisers

BFO-Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm Changes

This week Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be changing its newsfeed algorithm to improve the user experience.  The goal of this change is to make Facebook more personal.  Facebook would like its users to be able to see what their friends and family like and comment on rather than seeing how many promotions their friends and family members sign up for.

There has been a lot of talk after the announcement about how it is going to change everything for Facebook advertising.  To the folks that are in Facebook advertising, in the famous words of Aaron Rodgers, “R-E-L-A-X, relax we’re going to be okay.”

What Does This Mean for My Personal Newsfeed?

The algorithm will penalize businesses that are using click-bait on Facebook.  The term click-bait is referring to businesses that choose to continue to post on their newsfeeds “click like and comment yes if you would like to win a new car.”  Just imagine in the not-too-distant future, when you will be able to look at your newsfeed and not have to see all of those companies digging to get likes and comments by saying you will win something and never delivering.  Once the algorithm change goes into full effect, you should start seeing more of your friends’ and family’s posts, and what they truly engage with on Facebook.

What Does This Mean for My Facebook Ads Account?

There should not be that much of a change in advertising space, just in the personal sections, and organic reach of the newsfeed.  So if your business heavily relies on organic reach for Facebook advertising, you will want to be sure to have content on your posts that will receive meaningful interactions.

Facebook has been working hard to put more focus on engagement (meaningful interactions). Companies and brands using Facebook organically will need to ensure that they are producing content that followers want to engage with, comment on, and share. They are the ones most affected by this most recent change. Unless their content gets engagement, it isn’t going to appear much on the platform.

However, I am confident that we can relax because the changes in users’ personal feeds (a move back toward reporting the non-commercial aspects of interactions of friends and family) isn’t as big to those who pay to advertise as it appears. When the dust settles, advertisers will find that which ads get shown to whom on Facebook still depends on auction maximum bids and ad performance, much as it always has.  

My takeaways: Brands and businesses that are organic users of Facebook should be busy upping their game; however, Facebook advertisers should see that the world of FB ads has not really changed.

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