In October 2012, Bing announced that Sitelink Extensions would be available on the Yahoo! Bing Network. They boasted deeper engagement with potential customers, the ability to create and update new messaging without having to modify current ad text or keyword sets, click-through-rate (CTR) improvement anywhere from 15-25%, and improved ROI.

Two years have passed and Bing has just announced that Enhanced Sitelinks for Bing Ads will be introduced to the United States for now, with worldwide roll-out coming later in 2014 into early 2015.
Much like the initial Sitelinks launch in 2012, the Enhanced Sitelinks launch is boasting similar wins in 2014, including CTR improvements of 27% or more (some lucky advertisers saw a lift in CTR as high as 68%!) with little to no significant fluctuation in cost per click for advertisers testing out the beta. This has proven to be the case for advertisers across many different verticals no matter the size of the company or even level of sophistication. Take a look at the screenshot below for an example of what these new Enhanced Sitelinks look like:

Enhanced sitelinks

What does this mean for advertisers? As you can see from the shot above, Enhanced Sitelinks offer two additional lines of customizable, descriptive copy below the original sitelink resulting in a larger, more relevant ad with a better, more engaging format that takes up more real estate on the search engine results page. Enhanced Sitelinks happen at the campaign level and will only trigger for the ad in the number one position, and likely only on ads in top performing campaigns. For advertisers using params in your ads, you can use param1 in your destination URLs for Sitelink Extensions.

Best practice at this point is to avoid wasting a lot of people-power on launching Enhanced Sitelinks across every campaign in your account. Instead, focus your efforts on high-traffic campaigns such as branded campaigns or top performing non-branded campaigns to gauge the impact they will have on your metrics.

Keep in mind that Bing is still experimenting here, so these Enhanced Sitelinks may not be available to everyone yet in the US. Over the coming weeks, as Bing determines the optimal user experience, most of the US will have the ability to begin testing out this new functionality in Bing Ads, with other countries to follow.

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