Last week, Klout announced adding Instagram to the influence score. If you happen to have an Instagram account, you may have noticed a bit of a peak in your Klout score. Just over 77% over you may notice your score increase 1 to 5 points just from adding your Instagram account. The other 16% of you may notice 5 or more points adding to your Klout. I noticed that mine went up 1 point. I will not complain, considering I’m content with my consistent score. It would be nice to see it increase further, but I take the stance that slow and steady wins the race. You wouldn’t want to all of a sudden rise to 80+ and try to figure out how to maintain that score. That’s a lot of influence to create!

How is Klout measuring your Instagram influence, you may be wondering? They are looking at your ability to engage social interaction; whether it’s likes, comments, or following. How does this effect you? Well, are you using Instagram? If so, this not only helps expose your brand further, but the more influence your brand has, the easier it will be to reflect your expertise in topics you’re influential in. Looking to increase your Klout or Clout? Either way, we can help. For more information, contacts us.