Two weeks ago Instagram announced the addition of video to the app. I’ve had a few moments of opportunities to utilize it. While I haven’t spent much time on Vine and its 6 seconds allotted for video, I have to say that having an extra 9 seconds and 13 custom filters to play with for your video. You can even cut out segments of the video you don’t want to include. The only thing I found not so awesome about the whole addition is that there is yet to be a cool old-timey filter that adds some graininess to the video. I think that would be pretty great!

One of my favorite videos I’ve captured was a rather embarrassing clip of my boss, Dan singing some office karaoke. I’d share it with you all, but I like being employed. So, on top of being a longer video clip, you’re able to share across more platforms than Vine. Instagram allows you to share your creation on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Foursquare and via email, while Vine is only available to share on Twitter and Facebook. With this information, I can say with confidence, that it seems more likely for brands to jump on the Instagram video bandwagon for more exposure across more social platforms.

Instagram also allows some editing, with the ability to delete the last clip from the video the user is shooting. There isn’t a looping feature, but I actually prefer this to having the video play over and over. The cinematic Word on the Internet street is that Vine is ramping up to release some updates, so I’m interested in seeing what improvements it will make to tighten the competition with Instagram’s video. Stay tuned on more information about Instagram video and how to benefit at a brand! Hopefully one of the two applications will allow postings to include Google+!

Have you tried out the new video feature on Instagram? We’d love to hear your feedback!