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Why We Love Our Jobs at Be Found Online

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BFO is the best place to work!  We love our jobs! Not only do we have a fun office environment, but we also get stuff done! We are a small company staffed with outgoing, goofy, hardworking, yet laid back individuals. Just look at what our employees have to say about working in this beautiful office near Wrigley Field:

  • Steve K, one of our SEM/SEO experts enjoys BFO because of the sense of community. “We all get along very well; the staff is very personable, very casual.” Even better, he said that when he started working here he was unsure about what to do, but enjoys that “everyone was open to teaching me the ropes, and everyone was available to answer my questions.”
  • Our fantastic VP of Clientology, Jeannine, says she likes working at BFO because of “the collaborative environment. Everyone shares their knowledge and takes the time to help each other. Together we can make things happen.”
  • Have you met Ted? He is one of our SEM gurus, and what does he like about working at BFO? “What I like best about working here is that everyone on the BFO team is a knowledgeable expert in their field. We hire the best of the best. It is fulfilling to be a part of such an elite team; it is interesting and educational to work with such a high caliber of professionals. That is not to say that these hardcore search marketers are only about the work, they are also interesting and fun people, have a great sense of humor, and everyone contributes to the company culture that has developed through experienced professionals who have unique and fun personalities. BFO has a great culture and a fun work place environment.”
  • What does our (bundle of knowledge) project manager Theron have to say about working at BFO? “Small agency field, it is like being a part of a very crazy family. All sorts of personality types yet everyone is here for the same reason.”
  • Of course, we cannot forget our lovely SEM/SEO lady Robyn, who loves the creative freedom, independent working environment, the people, and the fact that we are all accountable for own actions.
  • BFO is one of the best companies to work for. Our SEO/SEM expert Pat loves the people because they are the smartest and nicest.

It is almost impossible to have a bad day at the office because, every now and then, people will be throwing bouncy balls at each other and causing a playful, distracting, humorous ruckus.

If you are an Account Director for Paid Search or SEO, or an Account Manager for Paid Search and you feel that you would fit in with our goofy, fun loving, hardworking, down to business yet laid back and casual employees, you should check out our Internet Marketing Job Openings and contact us today! We may be a group of unique individuals who love to have fun, but we also get stuff done!