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Manage Business E-mails (Better) with Tout

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The third social site we are discussing is Tout. Recently established social networking site Tout is revolutionizing the way people connect, on a personal and business level. On a personal level, Tout encourages video uploads so others can see the world through your eyes. Most of the videos are approximately 15 seconds long, and provide insight into your life.  On a business level, Tout offers an e-mail management system for professionals whose jobs rely heavily on communicating through e-mails. In time, Tout may be the next big trend amongst social media goers, trumping the already established Twitter and Facebook.

What is Tout?

bfo-imageTout is a video blogging site that allows users to upload their recorded videos to Facebook, Twitter, and Tout page. Users can also send the videos to their e-mail contacts. And Tout isn’t just for those who love shooting videos or for celebrities who want to share their personal lives with their followers. It’s actually a great way for business owners to communicate with clients and attract new customers.

Tout for Business

Tout is compatible with all browsers, as well as Gmail accounts, so it is easy to manage outgoing mail. According to, it “coordinates and streamlines your e-mails with templates, tracking, and scheduling.” So, when you send an e-mail, you no longer have to wonder if the recipient has read it or not, because Tout’s e-mail tracking tells you.

Another benefit of Tout is that you can create templates for those mass e-mails you send out. For instance, say you have a standard e-mail that you must send, and although the e-mails are sent to different recipients, the message is the same. Tout is here to help! Tout allows you to create templates so your message is saved, and all you have to do is personalize each e-mail for the recipient. No longer must you cut and paste, or retype everything, because now you can create e-mail templates.

Tout even allows you to schedule e-mails. Similar to Hootsuite (in the aspect that you can draft tweets and schedule them to appear at different times) Tout enables you to schedule when your e-mails are sent to the recipient. This way, your e-mails arrive at a reasonable time for your recipients.

Aside from these three productive benefits of Tout, the business Tout system includes:

  • Automatic updates to your CRM
  • The ability to share templates with co-workers
  • Mobile applications (After you download Tout to your desktop, it syncs to your mobile device)

Tout is a becoming a new business management system, so those who manage accounts through e-mail should consider using this service. Of course, these services come at a price, but they may be worth the money spent.

Tout is one of those sites that’s combining personal with professional as well as combining social media with video. And if this site catches on, we may no longer see people tweeting. We may no longer need to read what others think or see because Tout encourages us to video our thoughts and lives, and share them with the online world. However, it’s not just the video that is revolutionizing the social media world, but it’s the professional tools, which help those who manage accounts through e-mail, that will popularize this site. In my opinion, the businesses half is the main advantage of Tout. Our world revolves around online communication, and Tout makes it easier for us to manage our work, as well as share our play.