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Market Yourself through StumbleUpon

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Part two of our three part blog discusses another up and coming social site called StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon helps users find new sites that correlate with their interests. After StumbleUpon recommends sites for you, it requires your feedback so they can better service you and your searches. According to the StumbleUpon About page, users have described the site as “the entire internet, all in one place” and there are about 289,325 sites that currently use StumbleUpon.bfo-image

Users on StumbleUpon share content and links with their connections, and their connections provide feedback via “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to the postings.  In order to “like” or “dislike” a post, StumbleUpon requires users to download a toolbar that contains the “like” button, as well as a post button and a search bar. Even more intriguing, this mandatory toolbar enables you to “like” any page on the web so you can share any webpage with your circle of connections.

What is StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon is perfect for any hobby and any interest. If you have anything you want to share, StumbleUpon is where to post.  StumbleUpon will help you find blogs, websites, images, and videos that interest you most, and advanced internet users have discovered the beauties of this emerging social site. Shopping, business, and social type websites are the top functioning sites for StumbleUpon, and those who are a part of the StumbleUpon community search to find the businesses they want to visit. So now customers can find your business through StumbleUpon, and not just through Google Places or Yelp.

Use StumbleUpon to Your Advantage!

In order to create the best profile for positive exposure, you must:

  • Provide as much personal information as possible
    • People can see who you really are, marking you as an individual amongst the other users
  • Join groups and communities that interest you most
    • You can connect with other users who share the same passions, which can lead to personal and professional networking
  • Choose keywords wisely
    • Users want to know what your page and content are about, so you should provide that information with the most intriguing, yet descriptive keywords possible

One last bit of advice for aspiring StumbleUpon-ers: do not repeatedly post your own content. When you only post your own content, people see you as a desperate blogger and not an active member of the StumbleUpon community. Also, the more interesting content you post, that is not your own, establishes your success on this site. Other users will have more respect, and more interest, in your page if you share captivating and unique content.

StumbleUpon allows users to like every webpage they come across, as well as interact with others who share the same hobbies and interests. The best part about StumbleUpon is that it can increase the visibility of your brand name gradually, and not in spurts. StumbleUpon is great for bloggers, marketers, and anyone who has interests in pretty much anything. We can expect to see this site becoming more popular as the months, and years, go by.