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Optimizing For Mobile

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Why do we need an optimized mobile website? Well, because the screens are too small and they cannot handle the amount of greatness that our standard websites have to offer! We all take plenty of time constructing our standard website and marketing to customers, but we need to take just a few more moments to make sure we optimize our website for the mobile community. The mobile community is HUGE and a majority of people in the world now own a cell phone. In Japan, most people have never even touched a PC. What does that tell us? That mobile marketing is the next big wave to ride. Imagine that everyone out there who has a cell phone is the ocean and our websites are the surfboards. There is so much revenue potential from mobile advertising that it would be insanity to pass up the opportunity to reach the rest of the world with our advertisements. The good thing about our surfboards is that we can go across the entire ocean without ever encountering sharks and jellyfish.

We need to ride the next big wave with a website that is optimized for mobile devices. Creating a mobile optimized website takes some time, but it is well worth it. The basic steps for creating a website for mobile devices are as follows:

  • Determine your audience
  • Choose an internet browser and the device it is compatible with
  • Determine the resolution needed for the chosen mobile device
  • Optimize

Some tips to consider when we optimize our websites are obvious, but must not be forgotten:

  • Be simple because screens cannot handle too much information.
  • Use markup and make sure it is clear and simple.
  • Link to standard website so people can go to it if they want to.
  • Enable scrolling in one direction because too many people will click the wrong things if you enable goofy scrolling.
  • Disable pop-ups because they may scare away some potential customers.
  • Use large icons so people can see and easily click around.
  • No flash or JavaScript because they don’t work on mobile devices.
  • Include essential information because mobile phones cannot hold too much information.
  • Use proper redirecting so when people find your website on Google they do not need to search through your homepage.
  • Choose keywords wisely because most people search with one to two terms, and they are not brand terms.

Mobile advertising is incredibly effective and we need to make our websites mobile friendly so that we can communicate with the millions of other fish in the sea! Especially because everyone is on the go and they are using their mobile devices to help them find restaurants, products, stores and pretty much everything else in the world. It is time to ride the tide and catch a huge wave of revenue from customers across all oceans!