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Pinterest Native Video Ads: What You Need to Know

Pinterest recently released some pretty awesome news. They’re launching native video ads! The news broke on August 17 and got quite a positive response from marketers and advertisers.

The introduction of video ads capitalizes on a big shift in the type of media posted to the social media site. Pinterest has noted a 60% increase in videos posted to the site. The video ads fit entirely with audience expectations for the site. Here’s what you need to know…

Pinterest Video Ads

There are three key take-aways for advertisers regarding these video ads.

Ads will appear with up to six related ‘pins’ advertisers can share in addition to the video.

The related pins can include “Buy” buttons.

Pinterest will host the ads through its native video player.

These native video ads come shortly after some significant changes to the way users can buy on the site. Those changes included:

The launching of “Buy” buttons on buyable pins (outside of the those linked to video ads) so users can makes purchases on the pins they see.

An evolution in the shopping experience. Users can now purchase goods from more than one merchant.

The ability to do visual searches across the site.

All of these changes improve the user experience and make it easier for advertisers to provide appealing content designed to sell.

What Video Ads Mean for Advertisers

Advertisers need to take advantage of the explosion of video across all social platforms, especially Pinterest. The visual nature of Pinterest makes it a go-to resource for users in all phases of a buying cycle, so it’s an ideal place to connect with potential buyers at all stages from initial awareness, to those investigating and for those ready to buy. Plus, a majority of Pinterest users see the site as a shopping destination.

The combination of native video ads and buyable pins increases opportunities for eCommerce advertisers and “out of the box” advertisers. Businesses like craft retailers that rely on visual imagery to connect with their audience and drive demand can really benefit from these new Pinterest features.

Video ads on Pinterest combine the “How to” content so many users on the site are looking for with the “Buy now” message. The ads also appear on a site that by its very nature provides an audience an advertiser knows is receptive to video marketing.

Next Steps

Right now, Pinterest is only working with select retailers as they roll out the video ad platform, but marketers should start planning their video ads now. It’s a big opportunity for businesses to connect with an audience including many who are ready to buy.

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