Pinterest, the three year old, heavily funded image sharing site has been social media’s golden child. Here are just a few of the website’s amazing statistics:

  • 70 million Pinterest Users
  • 2.5 Billion page-views per month
  • Percentage of pins that get repinned: 80%
  • Average user time spent on Pinterest per month:  98 minutes
  • Number of Pinterest users that have connected their accounts to Facebook: 9 million
  • Pinterest grabs 41% of e-commerce traffic
  • Average social shopper spends $140-$180 when coming from Pinterest compared to $60-$80 from Facebook

All of that in just three years! Pretty amazing. As a business, you may be trying to figure out how Pinterest factors into your marketing plan if you aren’t already reaping the benefits.

Well, as of last Thursday, you will have a new way to get in the game. In a recent blog post CEO, Ben Silbermann announced their new plan for monetization via “tasteful ads”.

  • Pinterest will be working with a select group of brands and promoting a few pins to test out how best to incorporate ads without disturbing user experience.
  • The initial test ads will show up in search results and category feeds.
  • The ads will be clearly marked so users know they are paid spots.

They follow in the footsteps of Facebook and Twitter success with social advertising and will give businesses a way to boost the reach of their own organic content. Pinterest is still in the process of building out a sales team, so hold tight for more information about how you can advertise on Pinterest. We expect it will be carefully thought out which is what we have come to expect from Pinterest. We will keep you posted!