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Remove Sales Pitches to Increase Online Sales

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Building trust with your customers so they understand that you are providing a solution to their problem, not forcing your services upon them, increases online sales.  Sales pitches don’t work in the real world and they won’t work in the online world either. In fact, it’s far more difficult to establish a trustworthy relationship with your prospective clients if your entire site is an enormous sales pitch. Customers rarely buy on their first visit to your site, unless you have exactly what they are seeking or if you were highly recommended through reviews, but they may bookmark you during the research phase if they know you are a trustworthy source. So, in order to increase online sales, concentrate on creating valuable content, understanding your visitors, and tracking their progress throughout the buying cycle.

To build trust, consistently create valuable content. Your pages should not state why your services are the best, but should demonstrate that your company is knowledgeable on the problems they are seeking solutions for. Company blogs should not sell anything, but should emphasize your understanding of client needs. Customers will come back if they navigate a site that contains useful content.

Understanding Your Visitors’ Intent

To understand your visitors, strive to define the issue they are confronted with. Search Engine Land suggests that when analyzing the statistics in your search funnel, you should track downloads, signups and registrations more than conversions. Analyze how your customers are navigating your site instead of whether they purchased anything or not. As stated earlier, customers rarely buy on their first visit, but if you give them a reason to come back (through valuable content), they may bookmark your page and purchase later.

Last point to keep in mind is to understand where your customers are in the buying cycle. If they are in their research phase, For Entrepreneurs states that it’s best to find a creative way The Buying Cycleto obtain their email address so you can send them newsletters and content that helps them solve their issue. As your customers continue research, they will remember your company because you continuously provide solutions even when they are not asking. If customers are in the purchase phase, you want to make it easy for them to contact you for services. Avoid long forms and difficult navigation. If they are interested, they need your site to direct them in the easiest way possible.

Building trust with your clientele is how you sell in the online world. Sales pitches are uncomfortable for the client. They shouldn’t feel pressured to buy your services through sales pitches filled with empty promises. Let your content demonstrate your expertise and let your interactions show that you care about solving their problem.