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Tablets Galore!

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It’s time I finally introduced myself. I’m Nina Mancuso, Content Writer at Be Found Online, and the voice of the BFO blog. While our team of search experts will be sharing the blogging in 2012, I will be the go-to girl to get the blog done.

There are plenty of advertisements for tablets this holiday season, and as we know, there will be several of these handy devices wrapped in beautiful paper and ribbons. We should start optimizing and marketing for tablets because their popularity level is at an all time high!


I remember the days when laptops were a rarity. When I was in High School, they were popular, but my school bfo-imagehad about ten laptops for students to rent out (in case they had no computer access at home). And honestly, I graduated from high school in 2006. So, not that long ago. But when you look at the schools today, iPads and tablets are replacing laptops and books. Books! Students no longer need to lug around novels and textbooks. Instead, they carry a tablet. Although I am a big fan of books, and I will probably never buy a Kindle (simply because I like turning the pages and underlining sentences, and of course, that book smell), I am not the least bit surprised that tablets will soon conquer the education realm. In fact, Apple says that about 1,000 grammar schools are striving to provide tablets for each student to use throughout the day. Grammar schools want to use tablets, which mean that these midsized laptops, oversized phones are on the rise! And it’s about time to optimize for the ever-growing tablet population.

Do you think advertisers are actively personalizing content for mobile and tablet devices or are they missing an incredible opportunity to convert? We want to know what you think. Feel free to comment!

Tablets are the new smartphones, and more people are purchasing from their tablets each day. In fact, mobile revenue is less than desktop revenue, which is less than tablet revenue. This new purchasing trend means one thing. Tablets are the new fad. According to an article from Smallbiz Technology, about 77% of all mobile traffic comes from tablets, and the peak time for tablet use is around 10 p.m.  Tablets are more portable than laptops, and their popularity continues to grow by the second. Pretty soon, students may forget how to carry a backpack, and, sadly, may even forget that book smell. But at least this tablet craze is great for marketing! So, instead of continually throwing money into mobile advertising, make sure you spread the wealth between desktop, mobile and tablet advertising. Tablets are converting, and we don’t want to miss our current and potential customers by ignoring their rising fascination with tablets.


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