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How to Target Buyer Personalities and Maximize Your ROAS

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Nobel Prize winning economist Daniel Kahneman states that there are two types of thinkers- fast thinkers and slow thinkers. Fast thinkers make decisions based on the information placed in front of them while slow thinkers examine all aspects of a product and utilize personal experience and previous information to influence their purchasing decision.  According to the marketing department at SiteMap, these two types of thinkers can be categorized into four personality types:

  • Competitive personalities are fast and logical. They want to be the first to have everything and prefer instant information as opposed to bfo-imagehaving to click through several links.
  • Methodical personalities are slow and logical. They must thoroughly understand the product details prior to purchasing a product.
  • Spontaneous personalities are fast and emotional. They like to shop clearance but they do not need an abundance of information to make a decision. They rely more on how the item makes them feel.
  • Humanistic personalities are slow and emotional. They value customer reviews more than product details.

Based on the varying buyer preferences, it’s time to consider targeting these four personalities when crafting paid search ad copy. Each customer responds differently based on landing page and advertising content and design. To target all personalities through one landing page, provide a product image (Spontaneous), include thorough product details (Methodical), customer reviews (Humanistic), and use one link that sends users to the purchase process (Competitive).

For effective ads that compel all personalities to click, combine product extensions (Spontaneous), advertiser rankings (Humanistic), and concise ad copy (Competitive, Methodical). Not sure which personality to target? We suggest you create ad copy for each different personality type and track which ad copy produced the highest click through and conversion rates.

Creating landing pages and advertisements specifically designed to provide information that corresponds for each personality type increases conversion rates dramatically. Targeting personalities will revolutionize the way businesses market to consumers.