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Target International Users with AdCenter

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So we have discussed MSN and Hotmail popularity as well as the new Hotmail display advertisements. Now it’s time to discuss how to advertise to international audiences with AdCenter. AdCenter enables you to target advertisements to anywhere in the world. This final MSN blog entry will tell you how.

bfo-imageThe first step is to create an AdCenter account, if you haven’t already. AdCenter will take you through the usual sign-up process, credit card information and so on. Once you are set up and on the main dashboard, click “create campaign.” The usual process of creating campaigns comes first, meaning name the campaign, choose your budget, enter time zone, etc.

One important aspect to note when using AdCenter is that there are two steps that must be completed. First, you must choose the area you want to target. Second, you must complete the ad group distribution field. Targeting, which allows you to advertise to any specific age and gender, is when you choose the area you plan to send ads to. Ad group distribution factors include the platform where your ads will appear and the language in which your ads will be written.

Now it’s time to target!

So, do you want your ads to one specific area? Or do you want your ads for the entire region? Once you decide on whether you want to target one specific area or distribute to an entire area speaking a specific language, you can follow through with the rest of the process of creating an ad campaign.

After you have finished creating the ad campaign, double check to make sure that everything is correct and in order. After you are satisfied with your ad copy, budget, keywords, and target audience, you select finish. One key point to remember about ad groups is that once you click finish, the ad group is final. If you’ve made a mistake, you must delete the ad group and create a new one.

And that’s it! It’s as simple as that. Now you can target audiences all over the world from your own computer. Remember, in Hotmail is Still Hot we discussed the new features that AdCenter has implemented to create a more effective overall ad campaign experience. Utilize those features for an overall satisfactory advertising experience. So get out there and start targeting! Advertise to those international users and watch your revenue shoot through the roof!

AdCenter sounds effective but if you prefer assistance when creating ad campaigns and targeting international users? Our SEM team is stacked with AdCenter experts, so give us a call today if you would like some help targeting your international audience.