Tis’ the season! Christmas is just around the corner. Literally, I mean, have you seen the Christmas trees and lights and decorations in most to every store you visit? Although we are still attempting to figure out what happened to Thanksgiving, what we do know is that this season will be full of keywords.  For Thanksgiving, people want to find turkeys and decorations. For Christmas, people want lights, trees, and decorations.  Let’s just look at what Google finds.

Google Insights

This chart tells us what the top searches have been over the years and the terms that seem to be more popular as years pass. As we can see, during Turkey Time, most people want turkeys and turkey décor.  Of course, we cannot forget about football either. After all, Thanksgiving is all about the three F’s. Fall, Football, and Food!

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But as we know, no holiday is as popular as Christmas. Every year the decorations seem to make an appearance earlier than the year before. This could just be that time flies by and we forget that these decorations are actually appearing at the same time every year. But the point is that Christmas outsells most other holidays here in the United States.  Just walk in to any store, and you will see.

What are people searching for this jolly season? Well, Christmas trees is definitely one of the most searched terms. But so are those pretty lights and decorations we see all over the place.

Google Insights


And then we have New Years. Surprisingly, New Year’s keywords are not nearly in demand as Christmas and Thanksgiving. Maybe because the fun holiday does not require as many decorations or food items as it does novelty items, like hats, streamers, champagne, balloons, and more champagne. But according to Google Insights, New Year’s does not have as many demanded keywords. However, dresses are making their way to the search engines.

Google Insights

Tis’ the season! And it is approaching faster each year. If you sell any of these seasonal items, now is the time to take advantage of these popular seasonal keywords to advance your PPC campaigns. Even with today’s economy, people still have that same rivalry we have seen in the Christmas movies; the neighbors always want to out-decorate the other for Christmas and have the prettiest house on the block. These keywords are their ammo. Start supplying!