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Twubs: The Next best tool for Twitter Chat Management

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Twubs_001Twubs is a 5 year-old platform that aggregates tweets, photos and videos into a branded page based on Hashtags. You know, hashtags, those nifty trending words and topics prefixed with that lovely pound sign (#). Today Twubs has released a free Twitter API chat tool.

This new tool, which is similar to Tweetchat, streams tweets from chats to allow a more efficient way for a host to moderate conversation around the topic. Twubs’ new tool was developed within the guidelines of Twitter’s most recent updated requirements to its API. In the past, Twitter has taken a very strict stand against third party app developers piggybacking off of its API, so there should be no disturbance in the force.

Because Twubs’ chat tool was deployed in the Amazon Web Service cloud, it can handle a heavy load of conversation inducing spikes in traffic. Built to stimulate a bond between hosts and participants, chat organizers can create a public-branded homepage for the chats with ease. Being able to monitor the conversation allows for hosts to join in with participants while the conversation is still relevant. I don’t know about you, but I know there have been plenty of times when I tweeted something about a hot hashtag only to hear something back from the host days later. It’s great that they reached out, but it’s a little late at that point, as I may have forgotten what I even tweeted by then. With Twitter being in real-time, it’s often been difficult for brands to stay in the game without having multiple interns glued to trending topics all day long!

What’s more, Twubs’ president and CEO, Tony Ferraro says that the tool makes it easier for late participants to see the host’s tweets at the top of the feed to know what’s been discussed and join in without needing to be caught up. “Our tools will make it easier for chat participants to engage in the conversation. We have created a separate area above the feed so that host tweets can be clearly identified. This will allow any late-arriving users to immediately understand the discussion topic.”

Trolls are some of the most loathed users on any social platform. Twubs has a great tool to allow for abuse blocking. Without risking security problems, the host can assign more than one admin or assign a separate host role with out giving Admin and editing access. The current tool is out now, but new features will be rolling out across 90 days. Ferraro predicts that the tool should revolutionize Twitter chats. This will make building a community and archiving chats simple and finding new chat even easier, rendering the need for rolling master Google docs obsolete, and bringing the conversation to real-time events.

Not only does this tool seem to be the answer we’ve been looking for in organizing and hosting chats, but it is a real time saver! Those of us who work as Twitter chat moderators, whether full-time or on a freelance basis, by creating the reports of the conversations for us. With any hope, this new functionality being rolled out can help make our jobs so much easier and our brands’ connection with Twitter contributors even closer than ever.