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Using Facebook Audience Insights for Lead Generation

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Now that we have discussed Facebook Advertising for lead generation, let’s get a little more granular with this idea. Let’s say we, as a digital marketing agency, need leads. We’re looking to generate interest for our services, with the height of interest being represented by emails. The solution? Using Facebook Audience Insights.

Facebook Audience Insights

Clicking on the Facebook Audience Insights tab, we can see a breakdown of those who are already connected to the BFO Facebook page. We can see six tabs with different Facebook graphs, five of which are: Page Likes, Location, Activity, Household, and Purchase. These tabs give us valuable information about our audience. From the 6th tab, Demographics, we can access the age and gender, lifestyle, relationship status, education level, and job title.

Below is a small tutorial on how to read this info.

facebook audience insights

You want to pay attention to how your audience is different than the general audience. (The general Facebook population is always represented in the lightest blue color.) What stands out here is that 44% of women ages 35 – 44 are a part of your selected audience, as opposed to 18% of the general Facebook population. The same is true for men, and the opposite is true for women ages 55 – 64. While they have a good presence on Facebook, they are the least interested in what you have to offer.

facebook audience insights

Be careful when looking at this data. It’s important to remember that while “Apple Pie Families” (hover over the name with your mouse to retrieve an explanation) make up the majority of your present audience, this isn’t the most ideal audience. You may find more ideal audiences when clicking on the “Compare” button in Facebook audience insights. See below.

facebook audience insights

The same discretion applies here. While technically the majority of users linked to our page are self-reported college graduates, Facebook reports that 125% of the selected audience is likely to have graduate school as their highest level of education. The “Compare” option informs us of the differentiating factors between the majority of Facebook users and our potential leads.

facebook audience insights

We can see from the job title searches that while the majority of people affiliated with BFO on Facebook work in the management/administrative industry, our audience is 67% more likely to contain people who are a part of the Arts, Entertainment, Sports, and Media audience. This is another area in which discretion has to be used. We are a marketing agency, not a sports agency. Media is definitely something we can test, but a 17% differentiation between Facebook users and our selected audience with Admin and Management audiences is more than enough to add to targeting mix—especially when naturally those are the users we anticipated targeting anyway. We look smart.

facebook audience insights

facebook audience insights

Looking at these metrics, we can see that:

Age and Gender: 85% of people connected to this page are women.

Lifestyle: The majority (7%) of the selected audience belong to the Apple Pie Families group, while the Dynamic Duo audience is most likely to be a part of our page’s audience.

Relationship Status: 74% of the selected audience list themselves as “married” with a 54% chance of being within our page’s audience. It’s also interesting to note that the other relationship status groups post usual unlikelihoods (if that is a word) of being within our page’s audience.

Education Level: 67% of the selected audience are listed as college graduates…but we also can see that Facebook is telling us that our selected audience is +125% likely to be in this group compared to Facebook users.

This tells us a significant amount of information about the audience already affiliated with our Facebook page. This information gives a nice starting point. Of course, if I wanted to, I could have started with a demographic already in mind instead of searching the audience of my Facebook page.

No matter what our offline tactics are, we can see that our audience is made up of middle-aged, active, married adults, mostly women, who are likely to be up-and-coming professionals, career-focused, and family-oriented. I can verify this by visiting the Page Likes tab.

Want to learn more about how you can use Facebook Advertising or the Facebook Audience Insights tool for your lead generation efforts? Contact one of our social experts today and catch up with the action by reading Part 1 of our lead generation discussion.

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