It’s been a few weeks since Heather Williams, BFO’s Social Director, created a Pinterest page for our company and started uploading pictures of our office spaces (see photo on right) and our favorite infographics that we’ve collected. Be Found Online’s newest writer, Tracy Mooney, recommended we take Be Found Online’s Pinterest boards to the next level to tell a story about our company. Follow us as we become storytellers in the land of Pinterest!

We are creating a story in images to show how BFO has grown and continues to grow, what we care about, why we are so fun to work with, who our employees are, and of course, what we do! It’s a story that has no end – just a weaving of pictures, infographics, and quotes – everything that makes Pinterest and BFO amazing!

Visit our Pinterest page to browse our boards and become a follower of Be Found Online. Join our socialites Heather, Jackie, and Tracy and the rest of the Be Found Online team on Pinterest. We can’t wait to share our story with you.