It seems that Pinterest is a massive resource of users that most brands have yet to tap or included in their marketing strategy. A study by Digitas  and Curalate was conducted on the bookmarking styled website to see what their engagement looked like. The industries they focused on were Fashion/Retail, Automotive, and Electronics. The study concluded that 70% of the engagement on Pinterest was controlled by the users. Only 30% of brands were even getting involved with marketing within Pinterest.

This is a complete flip from the usual set up for brands on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, where the brand has its own official page devoted to marketing and/or customer service related purposes. Pinterest forces the brands to get out there and pin their own images that users want to see and pin. The study also reveals the best time to pin, which, as many of us could guess, is Friday afternoon, particularly for the Fashion/Retail industry. While only 18% of Fashion/Retail brands are taking advantage of Pinterest, they are beginning to build engagement with their following.

Within the same vein, the Automotive industry is also missing the target, with only 25% of brands getting involved with pinning and interaction with users by sharing their content. While Fashion/Retail brands involved in Pinterest receive an average of 46 repins per original pin, Automotive brands only receive 3 repins per original pin, versus users receiving 10 repins per pin. A lot of this can be attributed to the fact that most automotive sites are built in flash, mostly used for users to use the “build you own” car or to better access the online inventory. While Flash may not be removed from these custom sites any time soon, some tweaks could be applied to allow for sharable content from these sites.

And for our final studied industry, Electronics; the most balanced of the three industries. 47% of brands are involved and pinning right alongside of the users, although not having a high repin count across the brands, with a 5 repin to pin ratio. Not all Electronic brands are created equal, however. It appears that users are mostly following and pinning digital health related electronic products (think Nike Fuel band, Map my Route, or calorie intake apps).

“How did they figure out these findings?” You may be asking. Curalate took 10 million pins, repins, comments, likes and keywords (which look like hashtags) from a month’s worth of data. They studied 120 brands across the three industries, determining top pins on by total pins and repins for each image.

So after reading all about this research, the main thing I want you, as a brand to take from this, is that you shouldn’t shy away from new marketing outlets. You now see that there is a practically untapped audience just waiting to repin, comment, and like what you have to offer. What are you waiting for? Get out there and start creating pinworthy content and put it out there! Just don’t spam people, that’s just not cool! We know Pinterest can be a tad intimidating. Looking for assistance or direction on where to get started? Give us a shout; we’d be happy to help you out! Read more about the findings here.